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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Money trumps votes

Oh, really?


Ever wonder what propaganda looks like?  See the picture above?  That's what propaganda looks like.

The message makes sense, though, doesn't it.  It also has emotional appeal.  The best propaganda always has emotional appeal and appears to make sense.  It only makes sense on the surface, however, and the emotional appeal is cleverly designed to prevent you from digging deeper.  Fortunately, a little thought (without the emotion) can reveal why the propaganda is not true, and why the people behind it want you to believe it is.

If you study enough "alternate" history from controversial historians along the lines of Howard Zinn, you begin to realize that mainstream history is often propaganda.  Yes, it is very true that history is written by the victors.  This realization forces you to develop a new theory, based on suppressed history, to explain major human events.  Amazingly, that new theory explains the roots of those events much more accurately than mainstream history.  Indeed, you would expect that to be the case if mainstream history is mostly propaganda.

So, do you believe we can vote them out of office and magically solve our problems?  The truth, which is well covered-up by mainstream history, is that all three branches of our government -- the legislative (Congress), the executive (the President and his appointed Cabinet members and staff), and the judicial (the appointed federal judges) -- have been sufficiently controlled by "outsiders" for well over 100 years.  It's all done with money.  It hardly matters who we put in office.  Show me an American that wouldn't change his vote as a Congressman in exchange for a million dollars and agreeing to remain quiet about it.  Why do you think so many Congressmen remain in office for so long and come out amazingly (but quietly) rich?  There are almost no Americans left with any conviction that cannot be bought.  We have been brainwashed to do almost anything for money, and the people that control the money(the Federal Reserve and international banking organizations) control our country.  They will not relinquish control through any peaceful means.  Why should they?  They are driving this bus, and they like it that way so much that they will use any means necessary to maintain the status quo, including violence (like publicly blowing out President Kennedy's brains in broad daylight).  So it's worth repeating that they will not relinquish control through any peaceful means.  If we want control over our lives, if we want liberty and justice for all, we're going to have to take control of the money by force.  And that's something Americans can no longer fathom.

Because of all the propaganda that money buys.


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