You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world.  You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hidden history repeats

Charming heroes, or charming sociopaths?


When did the United States of America go so terribly wrong?  Was it when Obama was first elected?  Or Bush?  Or Nixon?  Or Wilson?

No, it happened long before that.  The Constitution of the United States was the design plan of the government, and it clearly stated who was to have power.  The Tenth Amendment specified:  "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."  Originally, the States were sovereign, and the federal government was to serve the member States.  Today we see the exact opposite, where the federal government is sovereign, and the States serve it in almost slave-like fashion.

So what the heck happened?

Things are not the way we are taught by the well-oiled propaganda machine that shapes our minds.  Most often, it turns out they are the exact opposite of what we are taught.  I propose that things went wrong when Abraham Lincoln was elected.  I propose that "Honest Abe" was not as honest as we are led to believe, that he was in fact guilty of treason.  I propose that the Civil War was not a civil war at all, but was the coup where the federal government gained control and consolidated its power over the States.  I propose that freeing the slaves was not the underlying issue of that war, as we are taught, but was a political maneuver by Lincoln and the federal government to criminalize the "renegade" Southern States, whose only "crime" was to withdraw from the United States, as was their right.  By criminalizing these States, the federal government could justify the tyranny of warring against American citizens in the name of fighting slavery.

I bet you weren't taught that in school.  I certainly wasn't.  I was taught Lincoln was a great hero who "preserved the Union" (George Orwell would surely be proud of that particular piece of doublespeak).  There is currently a blockbuster film about Honest Abe, and I probably won't watch it, but I'm quite sure it will portray Lincoln as a great hero, when he was more likely something quite the contrary.  How often do we have to see lawyers become politicians and rise to the heights of power before we recognize sociopaths?  We would be wise to learn our true history, for it is repeating.  Obama is being portrayed to the public as a great hero, when he is, in fact, preparing the justification for the tyranny of warring against American citizens in the name of fighting terrorism.

The "Civil War" would be more accurately called "The War Against Independent States".  The next civil war will be more accurately called "The War Against Independent Minds".

Got "renegade" thoughts?  They can fix that.  And they will.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Boy Who Cried "Wolf!"

The boy who cried "Wolf!" was emotionally deficient, a psychological deviant.  Why do you think he was sent out to the countryside to tend the sheep all alone?  He knew he was different from the townsfolk, and he despised them.  He felt he was smarter than all of them, and he learned to deceive and manipulate them to his advantage to prove to himself that he was indeed smarter.  Crying "Wolf!" was just the beginning.  As time went by, the boy learned to vary his cries, from "Bank run!" to "Communist!", to "Weapons of mass destruction!", and even "Terrorist!"  He learned to practice deep secrecy, making it nearly impossible to be caught.  He learned to engage others to do his bidding, buying the services of the weak-minded, so that if his schemes failed, others would be blamed.  He learned to organize with other deviants like himself into secret societies where they could plan more sophisticated operations, always for their own benefit at the expense of others.  Together, they learned to heavily influence the very minds of the people to make them think in ways that served this small group of parasites.  In this manner, through lies and secrecy and deception and manipulation, these psychological deviants, eventually labeled as "sociopaths", came to rule over the people.

The people suffered greatly.  The quality of life steadily declined, freedoms disappeared, crime flourished, prisons overflowed with noncriminals, wars were orchestrated and dragged on endlessly, disease was deliberately created and spread, the essentials of life itself were slowly poisoned, and many people died needlessly.  With their minds under the influence of pervasive propaganda, the people were unable to figure out what was really happening, and what to do about it.  They looked to their puppet rulers for solutions, completely unaware that the hidden rulers controlling the puppets were the real source of their misery.

Well, maybe not completely unaware.  There were a few people that were not fooled, that were resistant to the propaganda and mind control, that spoke out in an effort to shake the ignorant out of their stupor so that they could resist the new world order.  These few honest people were systematically marginalized, discredited, persecuted, silenced, and even killed by the rulers, so that the status quo would not be disturbed.

One day, the Emperor was parading in front of his ragged and numbed subjects, looking to be admired for his cleverness and fine stitchery, when a little boy pointed at the Emperor and cried out the painful truth most unexpectedly.  "Look Mommy, he has no clothes!"

How does the story end?

  1. The Emperor orders the boy to be immediately beheaded in front of everyone.

  2. The Emperor's physicians rush forward to administer the proper medication to cure the little boy of his obvious delusion.

  3. The crowd descends like mad dogs on the little boy and tears him apart, gaining an approving smile from the Emperor.

  4. The little boy's mother responds, "Tricks are for kids!", the crowd laughs, and everyone carries on as expected.

  5. The crowd suddenly has a moment of clarity, overpowers the Emperor and his guards, redistributes his enormous wealth amongst everyone, and reorganizes to create a happy, prosperous society of caring equals.

  6. Don't be stupid.  This is all just conspiracy theory.

  7. What story?


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