You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world.  You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Info Pie - Part 2

Info Pie

As long as the general integrity of the Info Pie model is maintained, there is almost no way for the public to escape its deception.  They will remain trapped in an artificial matrix of false reality similar to the one portrayed in the movie "Matrix".  So how did I escape?  How did others escape, like the whistleblowers that try so desperately to wake up humanity to its unbelievable plight?  We've seen how investigating the "true" 20% of the Info Pie reinforces the illusion, as does, amazingly enough, investigating the "false" 30% portion.  The only thing left to investigate is the 50% portion that is withheld, and how can anyone investigate something that they are not allowed to know?

Like the whistleblowers themselves, and largely thanks to them, I escaped by uncovering small portions of the withheld information.  You don't need much.  Two or three hidden facts may be all the evidence you need to falsify one thing in the 30% portion of the Info Pie, and once you've done this a few times, you begin to suspect that everything in there could be a lie.  And the more hidden information you uncover, the more you realize that it is indeed nothing but a pack of lies.  The key to breaking out of the matrix is to uncover and piece together the withheld information with the skill and tenacity of a crime detective.  Because it is a crime, and we are the victims.

The Info Pie model is so effective that it is used not only in mass media, but in religion and government as well.  Not even education is exempt.  Much of history is hidden, which in turn has allowed a large portion of history to be fabricated in a way that can no longer be disputed.  The same goes for science.  Why would scientific discoveries need to be hidden?  Why was Nikola Tesla's work (free energy) confiscated and classified upon his death nearly 60 years ago?  Why was Stanley Meyer and his work (a car that ran on water) destroyed and never heard from again?  Why is so much of our science classified today?  Why has NASA hidden information, encrypted transmissions, and doctored pictures?

Now, at least, you know enough to question why.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Info Pie

Info Pie

Americans like to believe they get complete and accurate information from the "public" mainstream news media.  This belief is a complete and deliberate delusion.

Everyone knows that the mainstream news media is not "public" at all.  It is privately owned, which means it is privately controlled, all the way down to the very information it delivers to you.  The owners of the mainstream media, a small and cozy bunch, ultimately determine the information that the public will be allowed to digest.  That control of information is enormous power concentrated in just a few hands.

Let's examine that information for a moment, shall we?

Judging from my own years of investigative research into particularly telling news events, I would estimate that only 20% of the information is reported truthfully to the public.  Another 30% is presented as if it were true when, in fact, it is a deliberate lie.  And the remaining 50% of the information pie?  That information is simply withheld from the public.  In other words, the general population never hears a "serious" word about it from the trusted mainstream media.  In the public mind, that information simply does not exist.  The information can even be readily available from "underground" sources, but because those sources lack the perceived credibility that the mainstream media has so carefully nurtured in the public mind, they are largely ignored or dismissed.

Why doesn't the credibility of the mainstream media simply crumble, given this deceptive 20-30-50 information model?  Because the public can readily verify that the 20% portion of the information pie is indeed true.  Whenever they bother to check into it, it turns out to be true 100% of the time.  It doesn't take long for the public to decide that the mainstream media is completely trustworthy, and that they need not waste time checking on its accuracy.

But wait, what about the bigger 30% portion of the information pie, the part that is a lie?  Surely, if the public tried to verify that information, the gig would be up!  Unfortunately, no.  You see, the public can't expose that information as being a pack of lies because the information they need to do that has been deliberately withheld from them.  Yes, the 50% portion of the pie contains the vital information necessary to falsify everything in the 30% portion of the pie.  Whenever the public bothers to check the information of the 30% portion, they are unable to show it is wrong, 100% of the time.  It doesn't take long for the public to decide that the mainstream media must be completely trustworthy, and that they need not waste time checking on its accuracy.

By the way, this 20-30-50 information model was initially developed and perfected by big government.  Now you can easily understand why so much information here in the United States is "classified" in the interests of "national security".

Friday, December 17, 2010

Counting Dollars

Guaranteed tornado-proof!

Remember modern math?  Forget it!  We don't need no education for what we are going to do.  All we need is basic arithmetic.  Buckle your seat belt, Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye-bye!

How many dollars are there in the world?  Get this -- nobody knows!  The Federal Reserve quit reporting that information (the M3 number) in early 2006 when it became expedient to hide the coming flood of money the Federal Reserve planned to create.  They still report the smaller M2 and M1 numbers, and they currently claim (via M2) that there are some 9 Trillion dollars in the world.  Like most government statistics, that's a bald-face lie.  The recent QE2 (Quantitative Easing 2) money infusion and the prior "Too Big To Fail" bank bailouts amount to 1.6 Trillion dollars alone, which quickly swells to 16 Trillion because of the 10-times multiplier effect of the fractional reserve banking system scam the Federal Reserve operates under.

In June 2008, the MZM number was reportedly about 9 Trillion dollars.  Given all the illegal bailouts and two years of furious money "creation" by the Federal Reserve, along with the rumors of massive money transfers from American banks to Europe, and all the petrodollars needed to support the world-wide oil addiction, the total number of real and virtual dollars out there could easily be 50 Trillion.

OK, time for the arithmetic.  Just a little refresher:  it takes 1000 Thousand to make a Million, and 1000 Million to make a Billion, and 1000 Billion to make a Trillion.

Let's say there are approximately 50 Trillion dollars in the world.  That number looks like this:  50,000,000,000,000.

Let's also say there are approximately 310 Million Americans in the world.  That number looks like this:  310,000,000.

By dividing the big number by the small number, you will learn how many dollars there are in the world, on average, for every American.  That number is 161,290,000,000.  That's over 160 Billion dollars for every man, woman, and child in America.

Would it surprise you to learn that the very richest Americans, Bill Gates of Microsoft fame, and Warren Buffet of investing fame, don't even have that much money?  HUH?!  Yeah, Gates only has about 50 Billion, and Buffet about 40 Billion, neither one having even a third of the 160 Billion dollars that exist for every man, woman, and child in America.

So if the richest Americans don't even come close to having the average amount of dollars per American in the world, and we both know that you and I have diddly-squat, just like everyone else in town, then where did all the money go?  Who's got it?

Did you know the Rockefeller fortune is currently estimated to be 20 Trillion dollars?  Rockefeller was a simple lieutenant in the 1800s for the Rothschild banking dynasty of Europe.  The Rothschild fortune is currently estimated to be ten times larger than the Rockefeller fortune, meaning 200 Tillion dollars.  Does that give you an idea of who has the money?  Do you realize how much power and control that is?  And you think Obama is the top dog?  He and his entire staff are simply hired servants of the Rothschilds.

And how much did YOU get for sacrificing your life away doing slave labor?  For me, according to my Social Security records, it adds up to something like 0.0004 Billion for me over the past 35 years, quite a bit less than the 160 Billion we calculated.  And they tell us we've got it easy compared to most of the peasants working in the foreign sweatshops for just pennies a day.

So what's wrong with this picture?  No, seriously.

It gets worst.  There is a little-known part of the American stock market that deals in derivatives.  These are basically bets on how stocks are going to perform.  The value of these bets (estimated between 600 and 1500 Trillion dollars) exceeds the amount of dollars in the world by more than ten times!  So what money did people use to place these bets, given that all the dollars in the world couldn't even purchase a small fraction of these bets?

Oh, and by the way, Obama and company insist that the American economy is just fine.  Don't worry your little head over it.  The real powers-that-be will take care of the money, just like they always have.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Got leaks?

Wikileaks is not a threat.  Julian Assange is not a criminal.  America is not hurt by truth.  Only the wrong-doers are hurt by truth.  Clever crooks that have grown rich and powerful through clandestine illegal activities, and the organizations that they have purchased and control, are scrambling into action.  People like Obama, Bush, Brzezenski, Clinton, Biden, Bernanke, and Kissinger are afraid (see the White Hat report from December 4).  Their survival depends on hiding the truth, on hiding their sociopathic nature and their crimes.  They will do everything in their power to crucify Julian Assange and shut down Wikileaks.  And if Americans do nothing to hold these criminals accountable for their wrong-doing, the criminals will succeed, and their slow, parasitic feeding on us all will continue until we are completely consumed.

Support the truth, even if it shows that we have been played for fools.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

In fond memory

He flies through the air
with the greatest of ease.

Bogan Frese.  Now there's a name for you.  Everyone just called him "Bo".  There was only one Bo, so no other identifier was necessary.

Bo was a gymnast, a life-long gymnast.  A generation of young athletes has been exposed to his talent and easy-going nature.  He was among the best the gym had ever seen.  If there was a big trick being thrown, chances are it was Bo in the air.  Spectators all over the nation marveled at Bo's diving exhibitions at state fairs during the summer months.  This past year, crowds in Europe were also delighted by Bo's trampoline and entertainment skills.  Yes, Bo was world-class.

Yesterday, Bo took to the air for the last time.  A slight miscalculation resulted in a tragic accident.  Bo died doing what he loved best, in the place he loved best, among the people he loved best.

Many a Wednesday night I would head for the gym to do Russian Swing with Bo and the gang.  My tenant would often tease me as I left the house about my regular rendezvous with Bo.  "You're going to see your beau, aren't you," she would quip.  "You love your beau, don't you."

Hell yeah.  Everybody loved Bo.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mother knows best

What you don't know can't hurt you.

"I've been drinking this water all my life and it hasn't hurt me."

I can only paraphrase my mother, as I didn't record her exact words.  Whenever I visit her in Savannah, Georgia, I always find the tap water to be distasteful, and after a couple of days of drinking it, my kidneys ache.  Invariably I end up buying distilled water to drink while I'm there.  My mother thinks I'm a bit strange, lacking faith in a wide assortment of areas, including our human leadership and the man-made systems that currently sustain us.

A new book published in September 2010 continues the long-running and very real scientific trend of condemning fluoridation of public drinking water as dangerous and harmful.  "The Case Against Fluoride" by Connett, Beck, and Micklem makes it clear that the science against fluoridation is solid, as solid as the economic interests that drive water fluoridation at the expense of public health.  It seems sick people are profitable, and wherever handsome profits can be made by selling industrial waste products to a naive public, sociopathic businessmen will vigorously pursue it.  I have strong faith that sociopaths will do this (based not on blind belief, but on extensive evidence).

The chapter in the book on the endocrine system finds that fluoride causes hypothyroidism and goiter, by a variety of biochemical mechanisms.  It also notes that the second most widely prescribed drug in heavily fluoridated America is levothyroxine, also known as Synthroid.  Problems with goiter and thyroid function are common among residents of Savannah.  My mother takes Synthroid.

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