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Friday, August 24, 2012

Drugs R Us

(Originally published April 12, 2010 on MySpace.)

Note:  The video clip above has been censored. You can see that is the case again here.  A similar (but possibly sanitized) video can still be seen here.

"Fighting the Opium Trade" is how Fox News labels the above news item, wherein the U.S. government practically announces that "Drugs R US".  Are brainwashed Americans really incapable of seeing through this charade?  That would appear to be the case, so I've volunteered to help clear things up.

According to this ludicrous propaganda piece, the American military must "tolerate" record levels of opium production in the premier opium belt of the world (Helmand River Valley, Afghanistan), supposedly because opium farmers are held economic "hostage" by the Taliban, who lend the farmers the necessary money to run their farms.  Should 15,000 American troops, perhaps the finest fighting force ever assembled (according to our intrepid reporter Geraldo Rivera), move to destroy any of the opium crop, hundreds of simple Afghan farmers would turn against them.  So naturally, the military's hands are tied, and they respectfully provide seed and fertilizer to the farmers to get their crop started, and then they protect the fields to ensure a bountiful harvest.  Do the farmers pay our military for that seed, fertilizer, and protection with the money they "borrowed" from the Taliban?  Don't be silly!  Most likely the Taliban and the U.S. military work together with the farmers to produce record amounts of opium, and the three parties then divvy up the lucrative profits.  The majority of the profit (TRILLIONS of dollars) flows back into the hands of the criminal sociopaths running the U.S. government, since they provide the "protection" and also ensure that all the drugs derived from the opium have a ready market willing to pay top dollar, that market being primarily the tens of millions of drug users in the United States.

Disinformation like this video report is regularly spoon-fed to the unsuspecting American public.  As another example, directly related to the above video, read this.  Those very opium fields were falsely presented to Americans as a city of 80,000 spread out over 80 square miles hiding thousands of dangerous Taliban insurgents that needed to be routed out by our troops.  That was the excuse given to send those American troops to Afghanistan so that "our" opium harvest could be protected.

For over 50 years, the secretive agencies of the U.S. government have been in the drug-running business.  Now it's done out in the open using our regular military.  These drug operations, that the public pays for with their taxes, rack up unbelievable profits used to fund expensive "black operations" that the public is not allowed to know about, like hundreds of DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases), FEMA camps, and top-secret military space operations.  Why?  Why do they want to keep us drugged and brainwashed?  Are we their slaves or something?

Well, are we?



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