You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world.  You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Looks can be deliberately deceiving.
(Think psyops.)

Lyndon Baines Johnson, President of the United States during the Vietnam War, was a fair and honorable man offering his best efforts in service to his country.  Lee Harvey Oswald, assassin of President John F. Kennedy, was a degenerative criminal with deviant ideas that included murder.  At least, that's what the American sheeple have been deliberately manipulated into believing.  The reality is that Johnson was a degenerative criminal with deviant ideas that included murder, while Oswald was a fair and honorable man offering his best efforts in service to his country.

Welcome to the Matrix.

9/11 is only one of a long line of psychological operations against the American sheeple.  Those deceptions continue to this very day, because the sociopaths, from whose deviant minds these sick ideas flow, are still running the show.  And I'm not talking about Obama or Bush, who are just powerless puppets designed to deliver the message of the hidden handlers that pull their strings.  Our so-called "leaders" are just props in the show to make things believable for the audience.  Yes, you and I are being fooled continuously by watching this show.  By the time we realize it, if we are lucky enough to ever see past the Matrix, nearly a lifetime is likely to have passed.  At that point, all we can do is to try to open the eyes of the deluded ones that are still transfixed on the spectacle, following in our sorry footsteps.  It is a difficult and thankless task, but if you are still reading this, then progress is being made.

By the time the truth about these psychological operations finally leaks out, most of the people that even care, the ones that suffered from these events, are very old or dead.  To the young people, these events are ancient history of no importance whatsoever.  What matters to them is what's happening in their lives right now.  They accept the show as real, and the emotions it invokes as justified.  And they are herded and slaughtered just like sheep.

The Men Who Killed Kennedy (Episode 8) The Love Affair

Monday, November 22, 2010

Got shape? You animal!

It's been eleven years since my marriage of nineteen years ended in divorce.  I've been single ever since.  This morning, I found myself thinking about why I'm still single, when the natural order of things is for men and women to pair up.  I was not surprised that this mental inquiry occurred in the shower, where so many of my best ideas have popped into existence, but that's another blog.  For now, let's stick to the question of why I'm single.  Is there something wrong with me?

There are plenty of people that would insist that there is indeed something wrong with me.  I have to agree.  Heck, there is something wrong with any one of us humans.  We all have flaws, just as we all have assets.  There is something wrong with every one of us, just as there is something right with every one of us.  But that doesn't answer my question.  And as it turns out, it has very little to do with answering my question.

Humans like to think they are special, but they are just another type of animal.  The answer to my question becomes clearer when you examine the behavior of other animals.  What is it that causes other animals to choose a long-term partner, in those few animals that do partner up for life?

This is a complicated subject, because of all the variations the natural world has produced.  So, to simplify things, I decided to look at one particular animal -- me.  This is, after all, an animal I have observed for nearly a lifetime.  What am I looking for in a woman?

I could produce a long list of characteristics, but the key to answering the question is in the question itself, specifically in the word "look".  Humans make their initial selections visually.  You can show pictures of women to men, or vice versa, and both the men and the women can tell you at a glance if they are attracted to the person in the picture.  Yes, I know, the "beautiful" people divorce each other all the time once they find out what's beneath the visual surface, and an entire gossip industry has sprung up to cater to our fascination with this contradiction between what our eyes tell us ("they look so good together!") and what our minds tell us ("he/she treats her/him so badly!").  But the trend is clear -- the eyes have the initial priority.

So what is it that the eyes are looking for?  I believe I can answer that -- shape.  That includes the shape of the body as a whole, the shape of particular body parts, the shape of a face, and the shape of particular parts of a face.  In those shapes we look for symmetry, proportion, composition, harmony, transition, and balance.  We look for aesthetics that please us.

So why am I still single after all these years?  I don't like the shapes that I have to choose from.  And because I have a non-compromising character type when it comes to aesthetics, I often won't settle for less.  Of course, all of us are much more than just a shape!  But, deny it all you want, our animal nature is strong.  Because we're animals.

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

Miss Universe 2012

Monday, November 15, 2010

What'$ up?

Life is like a box of chocolates....
....when you're an American retard.

Gold is up, silver is up, food and other commodities are up, but not the dollar.  The dollar is down (in purchasing value) and is heading for zero.  Like water, once it's over the edge, it accelerates rapidly, and the fall, though spectacular and awe-inspiring, is over quickly.  Are we at the edge yet?  Yep.  This is the edge.

Why is there no dollar value placed on this huge energy deal?  Because no dollars will be exchanging hands.  The Chinese and the Russians will be using their own currencies, their own private bartering system.  They don't need our dollars any more.  The era of the petrodollar, the reserve currency of the world (1971 - 2011, R.I.P.) is over.

The Federal Reserve destroyed our dollar.  Using bribes and other criminal schemes, this private banking cartel got Congress to give it control of the dollar in 1913, when the dollar was backed by gold (one ounce of gold was equal to $20 then).  Those crafty bankers did what any greedy criminal would do in the same situation -- they created money for themselves and spent it.  But they were clever, and so they did it relatively slowly and quietly.  It took 58 years to get to the point where they could no longer hide the crime.  They had created so many dollars that there simply wasn't enough gold left in the U.S. Treasury to give to those exchanging their dollars for gold.  The jig was up, and all the gold was gone.  The entire "treasure" of gold belonging to the People of the United States had been stolen and spent.  And what had it bought?  That private banking cartel running the Federal Reserve was now the proud owner of the American media industry -- radio, newspapers, magazines, and especially television.  Oh, and they bought one other thing along the way.  They now owned the United States government.  So in 1971, the United States government casually abandoned what it now called the "archaic" gold standard, and the dollar became worthless Monopoly money.

It should be no surprise that the man in the street never got wind of this theft.  With both the media and the government in its back pocket, the banking cartel could tell us whatever it wanted, and we believed it.  Of course, now that the dollar was worthless, the banking cartel needed a way to give the dollar some illusory value, or none of their lies would fly for very long.  And that's how the petrodollar was born.  With sweet deals and nasty threats, the powerful U.S. government (now an integral part of the criminal banking cartel) convinced all the oil producing countries in the world to only accept dollars for their oil.  Suddenly, all the foreign countries of the world needed dollars to buy oil, and that demand made the dollar valuable again.  For a little while.  About 40 years.

Actually, two oil producing countries refused the deals and ignored the threats.  They were Iran and Iraq.  In jig time, they were in turmoil, and then at war with each other, using the nastiest weapons that the banking cartel could arrange for each side to buy.  Do you think the United States government had a hand in orchestrating that war and providing those weapons?  Don't think too hard, the answer is obvious.  The banking cartel own the U.S. government, remember?  Iraq was particularly troublesome even after that bloody, eight-year war.  Two more times it decided to sell its oil for whatever currency it deemed proper.  Two more times the U.S. government had to step in and paddle Iraq's heiny.

And now, China and Russia decide to buy and sell oil for whatever currency they deem proper.  Will the U.S. decide to paddle their heinies?  Nope, we can't, because we're still bogged down in Iraq and trying hard to pick a fight with Iran.  We've been exhausted, spiritually and economically.  The rest of the oil-producing countries know it, too.  Most of our dollars, around two thirds of the existing total dollar supply, are sitting in foreign banks, having been saved up to purchase oil.  Foreigners are starting to realize that they won't need those dollars for oil purchases much longer, and that the value of those dollars will disappear if they don't start spending them somewhere soon.  The problem is, foreigners everywhere don't want to accept any more dollars -- they want to get rid of them.  Who will be the last people, the dullest of idiots, stupid enough to exchange valuable real assets for dollars?  That's right.  Americans.  They're the ones that end up holding the bag (of worthless dollars) and taking the fall.


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