You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world.  You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

America and the Beast

We are all, as individuals, a small part of the system.  "This is a deceitful, unfair, and corrupt system."  Ron Paul should know, as he has served in the belly of the beast for two decades.  Congress may be the belly of the beast, but the beast itself is far more deceitful, far more secretive, and far more powerful than the Congress.  The beast is immoral, illegal, and hardly surprising, downright evil, though it will deny it with every breath it takes.  This beast is the great deceiver.  This beast is the Federal Reserve.

Our part in the system is to be the ignorant plaything of the beast.  Most of us do this extremely well, without even being aware of it.  This is by design, and the designer was, of course, the beast.  We are like puppets on a string, and the strings that make us dance are dollars.  The beast controls the dollars, and so the beast controls our dancing.  We are dancing fools.

Ron Paul recognized early on the true nature of the beast, and he chose to serve in Congress partly to oppose this monster.  He has tried numerous times to get legislation passed to end the Federal Reserve, but far too many Congressmen are dancing fools in the service of the beast.  Not surprisingly, Ron Paul's call to arms remained a voice in the wilderness that no one heeded.

But Ron Paul didn't give up.  Unable to slay the beast directly, he changed his tactic.  Perhaps, if the great deceiver could simply be exposed for what it is, the puppets themselves would be awakened to their plight, cut their strings, and turn upon their manipulator.  And so, Ron Paul introduced legislation to "Audit the Fed" and expose its hidden misdeeds and crimes.  Ron Paul by now knew that Congressmen-on-a-string would publicly support the bill while privately working to defeat it, so public pressure would have to be rallied.  To help do this, he wrote a simple book, "End the Fed", where he lays out the case exposing the beast.  Those that love being captive puppets should not read this book (which means most of Congress won't be reading it), but those that love liberty, freedom, and justice will find it, pardon the pun, liberating.

Our Constitution, a document written by the founding fathers of this nation as the bedrock of our self-governance, explicitly addresses the issue of money.  These founding fathers knew the dangers of banks and paper money first-hand, and they were determined to spare our new country from the destruction these institutions always precipitate.  Thus they wrote, "The Congress shall have power to ... coin Money, regulate the Value thereof" and "No state shall ... make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts".  As the supreme law of the land, only modifiable by Constitutional Amendment, this law still stands above all others.  It has never been rescinded.  Yet the puppets have broken the law, and not only that, they have kept us convinced that they did it for our own good.  Deceivers!  The beast grows fat and powerful as it bleeds us slowly of our very life-force, like the disgusting parasite that it is.  It creates paper and digital money in whatever quantity it deems necessary to pull our strings.  And like obedient puppets, we allow it.

"It's as if we still believe that money can be grown on trees, and we don't stop to realize that if it did grow on trees, it would take on the value of leaves in the Fall, to be either mulched or bagged and put in a landfill.  That is to say, it would be worthless." -- Ron Paul, "End the Fed", page 180

Like other countries that have inflated their paper currency into worthless garbage, we are well on our way down the road to poverty and destitution.  Only by destroying the beast can this train be stopped and the wreck averted.  If that is not clear, you have more strings to cut and more study to do, and a book called "End the Fed" to read.


Didn't I hear them announce that everything will be fine?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

State of dysfunction

Every year, the President of the United States addresses the American people to describe the state of the union.  Every year, the true state of the union is airbrushed out, and what we really receive is a cheerleading session designed to make us feel good about the escalating rape we are experiencing from our own government.  Today, you are going to hear the real state of the union.  Today, you will hear the truth.

Americans believe that they are the driving force of the greatest free nation on earth, but this is so far from the truth that it's painful.  Americans are neither great nor free.  To be sure, their debt is great.  Their apathy is great.  Their obedience is great.  Their tolerance for injustice is great.  Their desire for comfort is great.  Their denial of truth is great.  But that is not the greatness they started out with and squandered so completely.  That must change, but it cannot change until we examine our situation with a cold, unwavering eye.

American government was designed to allow the voice of the people to rule the nation.  The design was obviously flawed, because today the government rules the people.  The consent of the governed is neither requested nor required -- the people have no voice and no choice.  The government itself is merely the instrument of a few powerful men who control the creation of money for all major nations.  Their endless supply of paper money buys our representatives, our media, and ultimately, our cooperation.  We do not govern because our so-called representatives sell their vote to the highest bidder.  We are not well-informed because our news is selected by the highest bidder.  We are not free because we sell our cooperation to the highest bidder.  And these few powerful men are always the highest bidders.

The quiet overthrow of American freedom was completed in 1913, when a legislative bill written in secret by a conspiring group of international bankers became the law of the land.  The passage of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act was ensured by the liberal application of money.  By accepting these bribes, the traitorous Congress of that era embarked on a ballooning addiction to graft that endures to this day.

Whereas force was once the engine of slavery, today money is.  The chains that bind us are made of green paper with the words "Federal Reserve Note" emblazoned across the top.  We pursue these chains like mad dogs, deluded in our belief that we need them to be free.  Our enslavement is the inevitable result.

Americans will never know freedom again until the Federal Reserve is dismantled and the sound, debt-free money mandated by the American Constitution is restored.  Only a revolution of mind can bring about that change.  The American people must throw off their green paper chains and destroy the Federal Reserve.  There is no better time than now.  The Federal Reserve has bled the paper dollar of 96% of its value over the past 96 years and is on track to collapse it completely in order to rewind the scam with a new digital currency.  That is their moment of greatest weakness, when their Federal Reserve Notes become practically worthless, and that is when we must strike to regain our long-lost freedom and prosperity.  You have the privilege to be alive during that very moment in history.  Will you help restore freedom to the people?

All that is required for this golden opportunity to be lost is for good men and women to do nothing.  Do something.

Power run amok.



P.S.   The few powerful men that control the Federal Reserve are well aware of their momentary weakness during the transition away from devalued paper money to revalued digital currency.  They realize that at that moment, the entire planet must be completely overwhelmed with monstrous problems that will distract and preoccupy the ordinary people.  These problems will be engineered by the controllers, and will include war, disease, famine, conflict, confusion, uncertainty, and misinformation.  It is no accident that a bio-engineered virus has been deliberately released on the world.  It is no accident that a deadly vaccine was manufactured and shipped by Baxter Labs at the command of the World Health Organization.  It is no accident that populations are sprayed with unknown aerosols in chemtrails.  It is no accident that international conflict is being stirred up.  It is no accident that pneumonic plague is exploding in the Ukraine.  It is no accident that news of these events is being suppressed.  The moment is being carefully prepared so that no strike against the Federal Reserve by the American people can take place.  The stakes are that high, and your freedom, your health, and even your very life must take a backseat to the survival of the money manipulators, as far as they are concerned.  This is a silent, undeclared war against you.  If you do not fight back, your defeat and involuntary servitude are guaranteed.  The moment to strike against the enemy is now.  The Federal Reserve Act must be rescinded.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nun of your business

Americans are deliberately kept in the dark by shadowy forces that control what is released by the news media.  Can you consider a specific example before you dismiss this as "conspiracy theory"?  Have you heard anything at all about the flu vaccine from Baxter Labs that was designed as a bio-weapon to kill you and your family?  The simple nuns in Catalonia know more about it than you do.  Ask yourself how that is possible.  Heck, you probably don't even know where Catalonia is.  Sure, you know a lot more about the conspiracies on the TV show "Survivor" than they do, but is that going to protect you against a real conspiracy?

Here is a nun explaining what you need to know very clearly and simply, so that even a Catalonian child could understand it.  But many of you will not be able to finish it, because of your conditioning.  For one thing, this nun doesn't fly!  And she never strips down to a bikini!  Incredibly, she remains fully clothed and never even hints at disrobing.  She also talks for more than 30 seconds, exceeding the average American attention span for single-person dialogue.  Even worse, there's no spine-tingling action or eye-popping special effects!  No blowie-upie!  And the ultimate rub -- it's in some incomprehensible foreign language with English subtitles, which means you have to recollect how to read quickly with comprehension!

For the six women remaining that believe they are up to the challenge, I give you the nun:

BELL TOLLING for the Swine Flu (CAMPANAS por la gripe A) subtitled from ALISH on Vimeo.

I wrote about the discovery of this deadly vaccine in a blog a couple of months ago.  Some people dismissed it as absurd, claiming a plot to kill entire populations is without motive and credibility.  What they mean to say is that they can't personally imagine what the motive could be, and it can't be credible unless the mainstream media reports it.  In other words, they've become feeble-minded and brain-washed.  Does that sound like a "useless eater" to you?

Note explaining "useless eaters":  The Committee of 300 sponsored the Global 2000 Report for the President of the United States, which specified the need for programs to reduce the "useless eaters" of the world.  You might imagine that the unemployed are a prime target of these programs, since they are consuming without producing (yep, the very definition of useless eaters), so if vaccines are indeed being turned into weapons of mass destruction, you would expect programs offering free vaccines to the unemployed.  Free vaccines for the jobless!  Right, like that will ever happen...  Oh, wait!  What's this?

Seriously now, it's up to you six women to spread this vital information across the unsuspecting nation.  Otherwise, a lot of us are going to find ourselves sharing a black, plastic FEMA coffin, as corpses.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Full Disclosure

It's all in your mind.

Can a healthy and sustainable society be built on lies?

We are already seeing that a healthy and sustainable economy cannot be built on the lie of paper currency that has no underlying value.  Ever since the private, for-profit Federal Reserve was deceitfully engineered into existence by the international bankers almost 100 years ago, we have seen an explosion of military expansion, wars, conflicts, and foreign intervention.  A never-ending series of booms and busts has rocked our country, and economic insanities like gold confiscation (in 1933), irresponsible deficit spending, excessive expansion of the money supply, unimaginable debt, clandestine government drug-running to fund black operations, monstrous gambling (derivatives), and criminal bailouts of selected private banks have all contributed to shrink the dollar down to a tiny percentage of its original value.

The economic lie alone is enough destroy any society, but that is only the tip of the iceberg for Americans.  Scientific discoveries are routinely classified as secrets.  Even in 1943, all of Nikola Tesla's notes were seized after his death by the government to become top secret documents denied to the public.  All the fruit that Tesla's seized work has since produced also remains highly classified to this day.  The same can be said of the most secret Nazi scientific project, the Bell Project, or Die Glocke.  Political intrigue and treason have run rampant with impunity by being hidden in the shadows.  American leaders have been assassinated in broad daylight and the truth covered up with lies (JFK, RFK, MLK), wars that could have been avoided were allowed to unroll at horrific costs (Pearl Harbor), and unpopular agendas have been pushed through on the coattails of false-flag attacks (9/11).  Even certain off-world information is off-limits.  UFO sightings, crashes, bodies, and contacts are suppressed and belittled.  Crop circles beyond human capability or understanding are pushed aside and ignored.  Anomalous discoveries on the Moon and Mars have been altered, censored, or erased before being released to the public.  Only the banal and inconsequential are reported to the masses with any degree of accuracy, like the sporting event scores or the reality show results.  For the masses, the lies and the truth merge into indistinguishable mush.  And that is no accident.

Take a good look around.  Do we have a healthy and sustainable society?

Far, far from it....

Towards full disclosure

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sylvia says

Psychics need not apply?

Of course I don't believe what psychics say.  As a boy, I was busy doing experiments with my chemistry set in my basement laboratory located in a closet under the stairs.  I experimented with making gunpowder, looked into nitroglycerin, but ended up making smoke bombs and selling them to the other kids in the neighborhood, which was quite the profitable business.  I was horrified when my mother found out and insisted that I return the money.  I never did, because that was simply too unjust, since the smoke bombs had already been consumed and enjoyed by the buyers.  When not in the lab or at the drugstore purchasing chemicals, I collected rocks of every type, learning their chemical composition and properties.  Science was my religion, books were my teachers, and the library was my treasury.  In high school, I discovered physics and computers, and the future seemed to spill open.  I went on to study physics and chemistry in college, while grabbing as much psychology and French as I could squeeze into five years.  I was the quintessential scientist that no psychic could sway.

I also read lots of biographies as a boy that influenced me, including George Washington Carver, the humble but gifted scientist who worked with peanuts, and Harry Houdini, the magician and escape artist.  Houdini in particular was a serious researcher of psychics, and his knowledge of the magic trade allowed him to expose them as charlatans and frauds every time, despite his burning desire to find a legitimate psychic.  The lesson was that both physics and psychics provided answers, but only one of them was right.

So why am I reading a book by psychic Sylvia Browne called "Secrets and Mysteries of the World"?  An unscientific friend of mine is a big fan of Sylvia, and when I rattle on about the things I've seen on the Internet about secret labs and projects, UFOs, EBEs, constructions on the Moon and Mars, and other esoteric subjects, my friend often chimes in with "Sylvia says..."  Naturally, I'm hardly interested in what Sylvia has to say, who gets much of her information from her spirit guide named Francine.  After a while, though, I couldn't help but notice that Sylvia always had something to say about the same thing I was studying, like crop circles, ancient civilizations, or catastrophic planetary changes.  So when my friend gave me the book with an itemized list of pages to read about what Sylvia had to say on these subjects, I relented.

Strange as it may sound, given that Sylvia and I come from completely different foundations, many of our tentative conclusions are quite similar.  The chapter on "The Pyramids and the Sphinx", which was not even on my itemized list, was the most interesting for me, and by the end of that chapter, I had gained a passing respect for her "imaginary" friend, Francine.  Yes, it's true.  How could a voice in Sylvia's head win me over?  It was a single sentence that Sylvia throws in "as an aside" enclosed in parentheses, something that Francine had mentioned to Sylvia related to reincarnation:

"As an aside, Francine did say that anyone who comes to this planet is the bravest of the brave and learns faster than anywhere else because this is the insane asylum of the universe."

Francine, we need to meet.



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