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Saturday, November 21, 2009

America and the Beast

We are all, as individuals, a small part of the system.  "This is a deceitful, unfair, and corrupt system."  Ron Paul should know, as he has served in the belly of the beast for two decades.  Congress may be the belly of the beast, but the beast itself is far more deceitful, far more secretive, and far more powerful than the Congress.  The beast is immoral, illegal, and hardly surprising, downright evil, though it will deny it with every breath it takes.  This beast is the great deceiver.  This beast is the Federal Reserve.

Our part in the system is to be the ignorant plaything of the beast.  Most of us do this extremely well, without even being aware of it.  This is by design, and the designer was, of course, the beast.  We are like puppets on a string, and the strings that make us dance are dollars.  The beast controls the dollars, and so the beast controls our dancing.  We are dancing fools.

Ron Paul recognized early on the true nature of the beast, and he chose to serve in Congress partly to oppose this monster.  He has tried numerous times to get legislation passed to end the Federal Reserve, but far too many Congressmen are dancing fools in the service of the beast.  Not surprisingly, Ron Paul's call to arms remained a voice in the wilderness that no one heeded.

But Ron Paul didn't give up.  Unable to slay the beast directly, he changed his tactic.  Perhaps, if the great deceiver could simply be exposed for what it is, the puppets themselves would be awakened to their plight, cut their strings, and turn upon their manipulator.  And so, Ron Paul introduced legislation to "Audit the Fed" and expose its hidden misdeeds and crimes.  Ron Paul by now knew that Congressmen-on-a-string would publicly support the bill while privately working to defeat it, so public pressure would have to be rallied.  To help do this, he wrote a simple book, "End the Fed", where he lays out the case exposing the beast.  Those that love being captive puppets should not read this book (which means most of Congress won't be reading it), but those that love liberty, freedom, and justice will find it, pardon the pun, liberating.

Our Constitution, a document written by the founding fathers of this nation as the bedrock of our self-governance, explicitly addresses the issue of money.  These founding fathers knew the dangers of banks and paper money first-hand, and they were determined to spare our new country from the destruction these institutions always precipitate.  Thus they wrote, "The Congress shall have power to ... coin Money, regulate the Value thereof" and "No state shall ... make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts".  As the supreme law of the land, only modifiable by Constitutional Amendment, this law still stands above all others.  It has never been rescinded.  Yet the puppets have broken the law, and not only that, they have kept us convinced that they did it for our own good.  Deceivers!  The beast grows fat and powerful as it bleeds us slowly of our very life-force, like the disgusting parasite that it is.  It creates paper and digital money in whatever quantity it deems necessary to pull our strings.  And like obedient puppets, we allow it.

"It's as if we still believe that money can be grown on trees, and we don't stop to realize that if it did grow on trees, it would take on the value of leaves in the Fall, to be either mulched or bagged and put in a landfill.  That is to say, it would be worthless." -- Ron Paul, "End the Fed", page 180

Like other countries that have inflated their paper currency into worthless garbage, we are well on our way down the road to poverty and destitution.  Only by destroying the beast can this train be stopped and the wreck averted.  If that is not clear, you have more strings to cut and more study to do, and a book called "End the Fed" to read.


Didn't I hear them announce that everything will be fine?

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