You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world.  You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

State of dysfunction

Every year, the President of the United States addresses the American people to describe the state of the union.  Every year, the true state of the union is airbrushed out, and what we really receive is a cheerleading session designed to make us feel good about the escalating rape we are experiencing from our own government.  Today, you are going to hear the real state of the union.  Today, you will hear the truth.

Americans believe that they are the driving force of the greatest free nation on earth, but this is so far from the truth that it's painful.  Americans are neither great nor free.  To be sure, their debt is great.  Their apathy is great.  Their obedience is great.  Their tolerance for injustice is great.  Their desire for comfort is great.  Their denial of truth is great.  But that is not the greatness they started out with and squandered so completely.  That must change, but it cannot change until we examine our situation with a cold, unwavering eye.

American government was designed to allow the voice of the people to rule the nation.  The design was obviously flawed, because today the government rules the people.  The consent of the governed is neither requested nor required -- the people have no voice and no choice.  The government itself is merely the instrument of a few powerful men who control the creation of money for all major nations.  Their endless supply of paper money buys our representatives, our media, and ultimately, our cooperation.  We do not govern because our so-called representatives sell their vote to the highest bidder.  We are not well-informed because our news is selected by the highest bidder.  We are not free because we sell our cooperation to the highest bidder.  And these few powerful men are always the highest bidders.

The quiet overthrow of American freedom was completed in 1913, when a legislative bill written in secret by a conspiring group of international bankers became the law of the land.  The passage of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act was ensured by the liberal application of money.  By accepting these bribes, the traitorous Congress of that era embarked on a ballooning addiction to graft that endures to this day.

Whereas force was once the engine of slavery, today money is.  The chains that bind us are made of green paper with the words "Federal Reserve Note" emblazoned across the top.  We pursue these chains like mad dogs, deluded in our belief that we need them to be free.  Our enslavement is the inevitable result.

Americans will never know freedom again until the Federal Reserve is dismantled and the sound, debt-free money mandated by the American Constitution is restored.  Only a revolution of mind can bring about that change.  The American people must throw off their green paper chains and destroy the Federal Reserve.  There is no better time than now.  The Federal Reserve has bled the paper dollar of 96% of its value over the past 96 years and is on track to collapse it completely in order to rewind the scam with a new digital currency.  That is their moment of greatest weakness, when their Federal Reserve Notes become practically worthless, and that is when we must strike to regain our long-lost freedom and prosperity.  You have the privilege to be alive during that very moment in history.  Will you help restore freedom to the people?

All that is required for this golden opportunity to be lost is for good men and women to do nothing.  Do something.

Power run amok.



P.S.   The few powerful men that control the Federal Reserve are well aware of their momentary weakness during the transition away from devalued paper money to revalued digital currency.  They realize that at that moment, the entire planet must be completely overwhelmed with monstrous problems that will distract and preoccupy the ordinary people.  These problems will be engineered by the controllers, and will include war, disease, famine, conflict, confusion, uncertainty, and misinformation.  It is no accident that a bio-engineered virus has been deliberately released on the world.  It is no accident that a deadly vaccine was manufactured and shipped by Baxter Labs at the command of the World Health Organization.  It is no accident that populations are sprayed with unknown aerosols in chemtrails.  It is no accident that international conflict is being stirred up.  It is no accident that pneumonic plague is exploding in the Ukraine.  It is no accident that news of these events is being suppressed.  The moment is being carefully prepared so that no strike against the Federal Reserve by the American people can take place.  The stakes are that high, and your freedom, your health, and even your very life must take a backseat to the survival of the money manipulators, as far as they are concerned.  This is a silent, undeclared war against you.  If you do not fight back, your defeat and involuntary servitude are guaranteed.  The moment to strike against the enemy is now.  The Federal Reserve Act must be rescinded.

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