You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world.  You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who's the enemy?

License to kill
(anyone, including us)

We always have an enemy.  It's an unspoken national policy.  Good for business, and good for keeping the slaves in line.

A long time ago, when I was just a boy, it was the "Reds" who were the enemy, meaning the Communists.  We persecuted our own fellow citizens with that one.  Then it was the North Koreans and their Chinese allies.  We fought an ugly war in distant Korea over that one, and we still have troops there over 60 years later.  Then came the Russians and their imposing nuclear arsenal.  We nearly started a fatal nuclear world war in a place called Cuba over that one.  Then the backward Vietnamese needed a good paddling (we still hurt when we sit down).  Next, we beat up the Iraqis, but we were so cruel that we stopped in mid-swing and declared victory, rather than be recognized for what we were by the watching world.  Then we coveted Afghanistan, opium supplier to the world, so we did 9/11 and created the current boogieman, the "terrorist", and we declared that Afghanistan was full of them.  Again, we invaded a backward nation.  Profits from drug production exploded, and a trillion dollars a year flowed into secret coffers in Washington D.C.  Oil was getting expensive, Iraq had oil, and more importantly, they would not cooperate with the dollar hegemony program by selling their oil for dollars only.  Naturally, we invaded, occupied, and confiscated.  Today, some Americans are starting to wise up, and the American government is turning its sites on them.  Our own fellow citizens are being painted as terrorists, and we have come full circle, back to the fear of the Red Scare.

There are, of course, real enemies, but for good reason, we aren't told about them.  The good reason is that they run the United States.  One arm of those enemies is the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).  They have been quietly murdering American soldiers in Iraq for who knows how long, and they record each murder on video.  You can watch their crimes here.  Our so-called leaders know about this, but have kept it quiet.  Of course they would, since they are another arm of the true enemy.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Killing us softly

We know our air is heavily contaminated with carcinogens produced by the internal combustion engines in our vehicles, and that the incidence of cancer has exploded over the last 100 years.

We know our water is fluoridated with a neurotoxic waste product from aluminum manufacturing, fluorosilicic acid.

"Fluoride as an additive has a dark past: it was first added to water in the Soviet Gulag (prison system) since it is a neurological poison and made political and other difficult prisoners complacent and therefore easier to manage. It was added to the water supplies of the Nazi death and slave labor camps for the same reason." -- source

You might have wondered why people have become so complacent.  Or if you're like most Americans, you just don't care, because the fluoride in the water is already working so well.  Hypothyroidism, a medical condition caused by excessive fluoride exposure, is also rampant, growing at an exponential rate of 11% per year, and thyroid medications account for billions of dollars in prescription sales.

So what do the ruling sociopaths do for an encore?  This.

It's the flour, pasta, breads, cereals, and other wheat products we consume.  Specifically, it's the gliadin.  It makes us eat more.

Have you been wondering why obesity is such a problem nowadays?  Or diabetes?  We've long suspected the increasing use of high fructose corn syrup in foods as one culprit, but did anyone suspect the "staff of life", meaning bread and other wheat products?

What better way to enslave billions of people than to make them dependent on your medical system in order to live?  And if hundreds of millions die in the process, do you think sociopaths care?

And they convince us to pray for it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Problem


Regardless of who we put in government, with very few exceptions, they are purchased by the moneyed interests.  How could we expect it to be otherwise?  We humans are trained from childhood to perform tasks for money.  This pervasive and incessant brainwashing steers our lives.  It is exactly what the people that control the money want.  By controlling the money, they control us.  For as long as we accept their money, we are their slaves.  They own us.

What wouldn't you do for money? Would you make a military career out of serving the sociopathic masters in their quest for world domination?  Millions of us do.  Would you contribute your labor and brainpower to companies building weapon systems used to murder other humans in distant lands?  Millions of us do.  Would you work for government?  Millions of us do.  Would you give a hefty portion of your earnings (known as taxes) to those running this slave market?  Nearly all of us do.

Does anyone see the problem here?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Workin hard for da Massah

Slavery has come a long way, Baby.  It used to be that when you were a slave, you knew it.  You were ripped out of your familiar life, chained up, shipped to an unfamiliar land, and put to work under penalty of corporal punishment or death.  Today, things are so much more subtle.

Today, when you are working for the Massah, you don't even know there's a master.  You think you are working by your own free will, to earn money to buy the essentials of life.  What you don't know is that the money is the Massah's script, it's only good at the "company" stores, the prices are rigged, and everything you can choose to buy has been determined for you.

And slavery is no longer an "all or nothing" business.  It's done now in slowly but steadily increasing increments.  In that sneaky way, few ever realize how their time is being stolen from them to serve the Massah.  Allow me to illustrate.

Let's look at the least privileged of the working class, those working for minimum wage.  Even they need shelter, a place to call their own, a home.  How long do they have to work for the Massah's "company" to earn enough to buy the average new home?

In 1956, when I was just a baby, the minimum wage was $1/hour, and the typical new home cost $11,700.  The math is easy in this case.  A new home would cost you 11,700 hours of working for the "company".

In 2006, fifty years later, the minimum wage was $5.15/hour, and the typical new home cost $243,067.  A new home would cost you 47,197 hours of working for the "company".

You can see the trend for yourself below.  Note that unlike the value of money, an hour of work is the same today as it was in 1956.

  Year    Home Price    Min wage    Hours

  1956     $ 11,700      $1.00      11700
  1966     $ 21,400      $1.25      17120
  1976     $ 44,200      $2.10      21048
  1986     $ 92,000      $3.35      27463
  1996     $140,000      $4.75      29474
  2006     $243,067      $5.15      47197

That's a pretty good con-game!  The Massah has slowly gotten the slaves to work four times longer to buy the same stuff.  And most of those people don't even know there's a master or a con-game!

Things have improved some since 2006.  We're in a severe economic depression now, debt is astronomical, inflation is rampant but deliberately under-reported, and housing prices have fallen while the minimum wage has risen.  It's a great time to buy a house at the bargain price of only 30,163 hours of work!

If you can find a job.

One other note – the figures used for these calculations are from the U.S. government, an entity well known for “adjusting” statistics to make itself look good.  That means my calculations are probably the best-case scenario, and the true reality is worse than I have indicated.

Here are the primary sources for home prices and minimum wage that I used.


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