You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world.  You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fiat reality

He's GOOD.
(Just like Obama.)

(The following excerpts are highlights from this discussion on political ponerology.)

The system that is in place is a pathological system that is at odds in a very profound way with the being or nature of most people.  People of conscience are being ruled by people with no conscience.  This fact is the primary injustice and is the basis for the other ills of society.

(As you read the following partial list of sociopathic traits (more here and here), think of how they apply to Hitler, Mussolini, Bush, Cheney, Blair, Obama, etc.)

  • An obvious trait of sociopaths is the complete lack of conscience.  They lack any sense of remorse or empathy with others.  They cannot feel the suffering of others.

  • Sociopaths are experts at using talk to charm and hypnotize their prey.

  • Sociopaths are irresponsible.  Nothing is ever their fault.

  • Another trait - and a very important one - is their ability to control the flow of information.

  • Sociopaths are incapable of deep emotions.

  • Sociopaths are experts in knowing how to push our buttons, to use our emotions against us.

Lobaczewski's contribution is his analysis of the way the different types of psychopathic types work together to form a system where people who are clinically pathological have the positions of power and rule over people who are psychologically normal.

Early in the book, Lobaczewski describes his experiences in university where he first encountered the phenomenon.  He went into the library to get some books on the question of psychopathy and found to his amazement that they had all been removed!  This fact demonstrates a self-awareness of their difference amongst at least some of them, and in the case of Poland under communism, of those in a position of power highly enough placed to get books removed from the university library.

One cannot really designate the issues that confront us today as "political", using the ordinary names of political ideologies because, as noted above, pathological deviants operate behind a complete mask, by deception and other psychological tricks which they practice with great cunning.

If, as Lobaczewski suggests, the essential psychopaths recognize each other and are able to work together to achieve common aims for their "para-specific species", as opposed to our interests, then we even have a mechanism for explaining a control structure that extends back in time, back into the mists when the first psychopaths set up the first pathocracy.  All of a sudden, theories which until now have been belittled as "conspiracy theories" can be looked at in a new light, with a new means of explaining how they could exist.  This, I think, is a very important area for further research.

We won't really know what human nature is until the pathocratic influence is removed and a truly human society, that is, one led by and with values in accordance with our highest nature, our conscience, is able to be founded.

The psychopath doesn't lie in the way a normal person lies.  Psychopathic lying is not mere deception, it is "creating reality" so that it conforms to the psychopath's wants.

Let me try to explain.  The psychopathic reality exists by fiat:  they declare things to be so and expect others to accept them.  To them, these declarations represent what reality should be, or at least what they think others should accept as reality.  "If I say it is so, why shouldn't people believe me?"  Just as intelligence is merely an instrument used by the psychopath to fulfill his whims, "facts" are instruments to be used and abused in the same pursuit.

Experience has shown no matter what we say, no matter what we point out, no matter how much evidence is given, it has no meaning for psychopaths.  They have one goal:  to fool us into classifying them as normal humans so they can continue to deceive us, control us and use us for their own power and glory because that is what makes them feel good.

How do you say "no" when the media is completely controlled by other pathocrats?  You can take to the streets, as millions of people did before the invasion of Iraq, but that doesn't matter because the pathocratic political leaders really don't care what people think.  They could care less if there are thousands or millions of people protesting their policies - they have the military and scary weapons at their disposal.  The media, then, distorted the message of those who dissented and painted them as traitors.  They are still painted as traitors four years on and after it has become plain as day that the war was wrong and that Bush and company lied on every point.

The majority of people have had their consciences crushed, have accepted so many compromises, that they are incapable of thinking or feeling things correctly.  They believe that there are countless numbers of Islamic fundamentalists ready to bomb their homes and schools, no matter how absurd that idea really is, and in spite of the fact that the majority of such bombings are false flag operations.  The well established fact that intelligence agencies carry out bombings and then blame their opponents - it is impossible to argue that this type of thing is not regular practice - becomes less believable to people in the United States, the UK, and elsewhere, than the fairy tale that there are hundreds of Islamic fundamentalists ready to blow themselves up in the name of Allah!

Think back to what Lobaczewski writes about the befuddled thinking that occurs when someone is in the presence of a psychopath.  Via the media, that befuddlement spreads beyond immediate personal contact and becomes a plague on society as a whole.  Society itself becomes diseased.

Those individuals who think that change can be effected via legal or political processes fail to understand that both the law and politics, by and large, are created and controlled by pathological types, and are set up for their benefit, not the benefit of the ordinary human being.  So it is that law and politics are insufficient avenues for counteracting a pathological society that has been created by the efforts and influence of deviants.

So, I'll say it again - and keep saying it - until the knowledge and awareness of pathological human beings is given the attention it deserves and becomes part of the general knowledge of all human beings, there is no way that things can be changed in any way that is effective and long-lasting.  That is the first order of business and if half the people agitating for Truth or stopping the war or Bush or whatever would focus their efforts, time and money on exposing psychopathy, we might get somewhere.

When you are dealing with psychopaths, you are dealing with the criminal mind and when such minds are in positions of absolute power - as they are today - there is nothing to restrain them - and nothing will restrain them, you can take that to the bank.

We need to learn how to say no to the manipulations.  That means we need to learn the ways we are manipulated and refuse to do the dance.

And so it is that identifying the psychopath, ceasing our interaction with them, cutting them off from our society, making ourselves unavailable to them as "food" or objects to be conned and used, is the single most effective strategy that we can play.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Why I blog

"I do not want the peace which passeth understanding,
I want the understanding which bringeth peace."
-- Helen Keller

My purpose for blogging at all on the Internet is to document my learning processes.  I do this for many reasons, some less than noble, and some quite noble.  A less than noble reason is that I would like something of me to be left behind when I am gone (vanity).  A more noble reason is to provide a public service, so that others can know what I know without putting so much time and effort into the journey.  But then, time and effort may be an essential part of what gives knowledge its value.  But then again, we don't want to have to continually reinvent the wheel.

I certainly don't have any illusions that my knowledge is superior in some way, given the ignorance that I have paved over to create the road that has led me here.  "Here" may not be a worthy destination either, but life is not really about the destination.  It is about the journey.  I am building a road to make the journey easier for those that follow, if any should follow.  If no one follows, I can at least take some pride in the quality of the road I built.

I mention this because my most recent learning experience is a discovery of startling clarification.  It is somewhat equivalent to the Unified Field Theory that Einstein searched for -- a theory that connects the characteristics of the known universe together.  Such a grand theory may be too much to hope for, but the beauty of other illuminating discoveries, like the relationship between electricity and magnetism, whets our appetite to search for even stronger interconnectedness.

I now see the connections between evil and empathy, conspiracies and disbelief, secret societies and denial, lies and manipulation, deception and emotion, politics and poison, and conscience and inhumanity.  All are tied together by the competition between two kinds of human behavior:  sociopathic and "normal".  The sociopaths are a small percentage of humanity but dominate in positions of control due to their defective (antisocial) characteristics.  In other words, the socially defective are in charge of shaping our society.  "Normal" people are putty in their hands due to the ignorance normal people have of sociopathy.  Ignorance may appear to be bliss, but the new knowledge I have gained makes it clear why ignorance leads to slavery in this lopsided environment, where sociopaths work cunningly to keep the normal people ignorant of the true masters.

The importance of this new knowledge is such that I want to spend some time emphasizing it.  The understanding it brings feels like the discovery Helen Keller probably experienced with her teacher Annie Sullivan.  A door was opened, and a stream of pure meaning brought light into a world of darkness.  A person blind to the outside world became an expert observer of it, seeing more precisely than those with working eyes.  We need that kind of vision if we are to reach our potential.

I want us to see.

Monday, March 15, 2010

And the loser is....

He's BAD.

It takes an Iranian politician to do what no American politician would dare to do -- tell Americans the truth!  Is Iran a great country, or what?!

Actually, if you have been following western news media coverage of Ahmadinejad, or government statements issued about him or his country, you will already have a well-formed opinion that this man is as crazy as a loon, a psychopath bent on nuking the planet, and a religious nut-job working overtime to prepare a gruesome death for all infidel Americans.  You are probably chomping at the bit, just waiting for our gung-ho commander-in-chief to give the "Charge!" command so that our boys can swarm all over Iran and whoop his sorry ass!

If that describes how you feel about Ahmadinejad, all I can say is:  You pathetic, brainwashed fool!

To those with a little more specialized knowledge, the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that 9/11 was an "inside job" orchestrated by the U.S. government.  A former Italian president already announced years ago that 9/11 was a joint American-Israeli intelligence operation, and the western media didn't even report it.  Physicists have announced it, learned engineers have announced it, professional pilots have announced it, forensic scientists have announced it, demolition experts have announced it, official FEMA videographers have announced it, FBI employees have announced it, military personnel have announced it, even Ground Zero eyewitnesses have announced it, and none of them, NONE OF THEM, were ever mentioned in the mainstream media, much less plastered all over the headlines.  Only Ahmadinejad has the distinction of making front page news with his 9/11 statements.  Why?

To answer that question, you will have to go way back into the past and try to remember what your professor was droning on about in that boring class, Propaganda 101.  What!?  You didn't take Propaganda 101?  Your university didn't even offer that class?  And you call yourself educated?!

Hmm, come to think of it, my university didn't offer that class either (that's another blog, no doubt).  Thank goodness, through some quirk of fate, I learned on my own, somewhat late in life, to turn off the TV, fire up the Internet, research everything I could, think for myself, question everything, and dismiss nothing without good reason.  So the burden of answering that question for you apparently falls on me.  As do, I can only imagine, the cross-hairs of some psychopathic assassin working for a secret government intelligence agency supported by my hard-earned tax dollars -- isn't that ironic.

Announcer:  And the answer is .....  (drum roll) ....  when we come back right after this commercial break!

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Announcer:  We're back!  And now the answer we have all been waiting for....  The envelope, please....  (Sound of paper being ripped.)  "Ahmadinejad is being publicly discredited so that the real truth he announces will appear ridiculous to all duped Americans!"  (Music playing, people applauding, confetti flying, everyone swarms the stage...)

Announcer:  See you next week!  Have a good night!  (Roll credits.)

Moral:  Discredit the man, and any truth he speaks is discredited.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Criminals rule

Retired in luxury.

What do we do with our worst criminals?  We make them our leaders.

Why would we do something that stupid?  That's like making a con-man your financial adviser.  The end result is that you become the victim of a crime.  Obviously, we don't knowingly make criminals our leaders.  We are tricked into doing it -- by the criminals.  How did this happen?

It begins with abnormal human behavior.  There is a small percentage of the world population that is socially "defective".  People with these defects are called sociopaths.  Primarily, they lack a sense of empathy, the ability to sympathize with the feelings of other individuals.  As a result, they are callous, conniving, manipulative, egotistical, and selfish human beings.  Because their world centers around themselves, a rather confining focus, they are often very bored individuals in need of stimulation and satisfaction.  Normal people find a great deal of satisfaction constructing and maintaining social ties with others, but sociopaths do not.  As a means of staving off boredom, sociopaths often develop an all-consuming substitute for this normal social interaction.  Rather than pursuing meaningful social links, they focus on getting what they want.  Sociopaths find a great deal of satisfaction in lying, scheming, and manipulating others to get whatever it is they desire.  In this way, everything becomes a game for them, and their goal is to win the game.  Winning becomes everything.  And a large part of winning is disguising what you are doing so that the people around you don't realize what you are doing.  Sociopaths are very skilled at deceiving others into believing that they (the sociopaths) are normal people.

Now, use your thinking skills here a bit.  What kind of occupations would sociopaths find to be a good fit for their personality traits?  A performer, like a star athlete or a movie star?  Yes, but think bigger.  How about a lawyer?  Yes indeed, many sociopaths follow this career path, but they usually want more, so think bigger again.  How about the coporate head of a large business conglomerate?  Yes, sociopaths are well represented here.  But there is one occupation where sociopaths can really shine, and where they can fully exercise all of their unique "defective" skills -- they become politicians.  Not surprisingly, many politicians have law degrees or experience directing large business concerns.

So, just as iron filings are attracted to a magnet and tend to congregate around a magnet's pole, sociopaths are attracted to politics and tend to congregate in our leadership positions.  Yes, at the highest levels of power in most nations are sociopaths.  Though they falsely present themselves as working for the common good, they are really working to get what they want, to win the game, to make the deals that enrich their lives but sell out the ordinary and unaware masses these sociopaths claim to represent.

By the way, a very interesting thing happens to many "normal" individuals who find themselves in politics or leadership positions.  They tend to adopt the very traits that define sociopaths!  Common wisdom recognizes this tendency with the old saying that "power corrupts -- absolute power corrupts absolutely."  But actual studies confirm that this popular wisdom is not just whistling Dixie.  The more power normal individuals have, the more sociopathic traits they display!

So, the bad news is that our system nearly guarantees that we are led by sociopaths.  They are like parasites feeding on us, making us sickly and weak while they grow strong and powerful (reminds me of Congress).  But that's not the worst of it.  The mind-blowing kicker is that there are no real safeguards in place to prevent sociopaths from attaining or holding office!  None of our leaders undergo any psychological testing as a requirement to hold office!  We employ no effective screening to identify and remove from office a sociopath.  Essentially, we give abnormal people with criminal intent the reigns of power and let them quietly victimize us until they either retire in luxury or are accidentally caught red-handed in some blatant crime that they can't successfully whitewash (like President "Tricky Dick" Nixon, who resigned rather than face trial, and we let him get away!).

Is there something wrong with us "normal" people for allowing this insanity?  Or are we just idiots?

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