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Monday, March 15, 2010

And the loser is....

He's BAD.

It takes an Iranian politician to do what no American politician would dare to do -- tell Americans the truth!  Is Iran a great country, or what?!

Actually, if you have been following western news media coverage of Ahmadinejad, or government statements issued about him or his country, you will already have a well-formed opinion that this man is as crazy as a loon, a psychopath bent on nuking the planet, and a religious nut-job working overtime to prepare a gruesome death for all infidel Americans.  You are probably chomping at the bit, just waiting for our gung-ho commander-in-chief to give the "Charge!" command so that our boys can swarm all over Iran and whoop his sorry ass!

If that describes how you feel about Ahmadinejad, all I can say is:  You pathetic, brainwashed fool!

To those with a little more specialized knowledge, the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that 9/11 was an "inside job" orchestrated by the U.S. government.  A former Italian president already announced years ago that 9/11 was a joint American-Israeli intelligence operation, and the western media didn't even report it.  Physicists have announced it, learned engineers have announced it, professional pilots have announced it, forensic scientists have announced it, demolition experts have announced it, official FEMA videographers have announced it, FBI employees have announced it, military personnel have announced it, even Ground Zero eyewitnesses have announced it, and none of them, NONE OF THEM, were ever mentioned in the mainstream media, much less plastered all over the headlines.  Only Ahmadinejad has the distinction of making front page news with his 9/11 statements.  Why?

To answer that question, you will have to go way back into the past and try to remember what your professor was droning on about in that boring class, Propaganda 101.  What!?  You didn't take Propaganda 101?  Your university didn't even offer that class?  And you call yourself educated?!

Hmm, come to think of it, my university didn't offer that class either (that's another blog, no doubt).  Thank goodness, through some quirk of fate, I learned on my own, somewhat late in life, to turn off the TV, fire up the Internet, research everything I could, think for myself, question everything, and dismiss nothing without good reason.  So the burden of answering that question for you apparently falls on me.  As do, I can only imagine, the cross-hairs of some psychopathic assassin working for a secret government intelligence agency supported by my hard-earned tax dollars -- isn't that ironic.

Announcer:  And the answer is .....  (drum roll) ....  when we come back right after this commercial break!

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Announcer:  We're back!  And now the answer we have all been waiting for....  The envelope, please....  (Sound of paper being ripped.)  "Ahmadinejad is being publicly discredited so that the real truth he announces will appear ridiculous to all duped Americans!"  (Music playing, people applauding, confetti flying, everyone swarms the stage...)

Announcer:  See you next week!  Have a good night!  (Roll credits.)

Moral:  Discredit the man, and any truth he speaks is discredited.

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