You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world.  You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sociopaths Rule

What do you call government by sociopaths?

It's obviously not a democracy, or rule by the people, even though it often masquerades as such.  Sociopaths are master chameleons, very practiced at pretending to be normal, so it's only natural that they would use the same tactic while governing the masses, disguising their government as normal.  Some would call it corporatocracy, or rule by corporations, but corporations are just facades for the sociopaths that control them.  I've seen it called a kleptocracy, or rule by thieves, which is fitting.  An oligarchy seems close, as the thieves do become a wealthy and powerful clique.  But today, I learned of an even more appropriate description of the current rule by sociopaths that we wither under.  It's called a kakistocracy, or rule by the worst element of society.  Richard Sauder alerted me to this possibility here.  He suggests that a better name for the United States of America would be Kakistan.  You've got my vote on that, Richard!

Although not on any list of government types, I have another term that I think fits the bill -- a parasitocracy, or rule by parasites.  It hardly qualifies as government, as it is more like an exquisite banquet for the parasites, and it doesn't seem likely that any people would voluntarily submit to being consumed.  But clever parasites could manipulate the brains of the people through subtle mind control and get them to think that being consumed is not only perfectly natural, but highly desirable!

Does that sound ridiculous?  Here are similar examples that occur in Nature.  What makes you think that a tiny group of parasitic humans cannot exist and thrive right in front of our noses?  Mind control, perhaps?


"I'm Barack Obama, and I approve this message."

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Elections? That's a good one!

Elections? That's a good one!


It's not real.  It's a charade.  The game is rigged at every level.  The People don't really select the presidential candidates to begin with.  If popular consensus controlled the candidate selection, Ron Paul would have obviously pushed aside Romney.  Romney was an unknown compared to Paul.  Votes are found to be manipulated in every election, but it's always hushed up.  Whether it be programmed voting machines, faked results, false counts, stuffed ballots, or non-existent voters, the fix is in.  The Electoral College is the fail-safe, to ensure the People don't have a voice.  It's as bought and paid for as Congress, only it's hidden better.  The election results are announced before the vote is even counted, much less publicly verified (and there is no meaningful verification).  Are we so brainwashed that we can't see the obvious?


How else can you explain a Manchurian candidate with a sealed past, a fabricated birth certificate, and fake Social Security numbers, who is a proven liar that broke every major campaign promise he made four years ago, who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing, and is the captain of a sinking Titanic that he himself helped scuttle -- how could such a crook be our President AGAIN?

The answer is as clear as the nose on your face.  Can you see your nose?  How do you know it exists?  You have to feel it, or look in a mirror.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Election Day!

It's that hallowed day when we confirm our gullibility, our stupidity, and our brainwashing.  It's the day we believe is the beginning of hope and change, when in fact there will be no positive change (things will only get worse), and the hope is a cruel delusion.  Every four years we are treated to this obscene circus of smiling liars, and every four years we have the proof that we were deceived and manipulated, and yet we come back for more with even greater enthusiasm.  The insanity is simply startling, yet few can see it.  Those that do, like George Carlin, are treated with disbelief (we laugh), derision, and ridicule.

Meanwhile, the real ruling sociopaths, behind the scenes in the darkest of shadows, consolidate their power and tighten their nooses around our necks, holding us hostage to their control systems of money, energy, and information.

None are more enslaved than those that falsely believe they are free.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Change we better believe in, or else

Morning Pledge


When I was a child, I was indoctrinated to start each school day with the rest of my collective, at rigid attention, with my right hand placed over my beating heart, all facing in the direction of the national banner, and in unison we would repeat the following like robots every day:

I pledge allegiance to the Flag
of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one Nation under God, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all.


Now, 50 years later, I am no longer a child.  My indoctrination is beginning to crumble.  I start each day in bewilderment of the insanity taking place all over the world.  I place my right hand over my beating heart, and I realize all people on Earth have the same gift in their chests, and that only the most foul psychological deviants would even think of taking it from them.  And they do exactly that, by the thousands, every day.  And like a robot, I have been helping those psychopaths my entire life without even being aware of it, as have all of us.  Though we still say the old pledge, we follow a new one:

I pledge my servitude to the Dollar
of the Hostage States of Amerika,
and to the Banksters to whom I grovel,
one Deception, underground, Unbelievable,
with lies and injustice for all.

I'm in.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who's the enemy?

License to kill
(anyone, including us)

We always have an enemy.  It's an unspoken national policy.  Good for business, and good for keeping the slaves in line.

A long time ago, when I was just a boy, it was the "Reds" who were the enemy, meaning the Communists.  We persecuted our own fellow citizens with that one.  Then it was the North Koreans and their Chinese allies.  We fought an ugly war in distant Korea over that one, and we still have troops there over 60 years later.  Then came the Russians and their imposing nuclear arsenal.  We nearly started a fatal nuclear world war in a place called Cuba over that one.  Then the backward Vietnamese needed a good paddling (we still hurt when we sit down).  Next, we beat up the Iraqis, but we were so cruel that we stopped in mid-swing and declared victory, rather than be recognized for what we were by the watching world.  Then we coveted Afghanistan, opium supplier to the world, so we did 9/11 and created the current boogieman, the "terrorist", and we declared that Afghanistan was full of them.  Again, we invaded a backward nation.  Profits from drug production exploded, and a trillion dollars a year flowed into secret coffers in Washington D.C.  Oil was getting expensive, Iraq had oil, and more importantly, they would not cooperate with the dollar hegemony program by selling their oil for dollars only.  Naturally, we invaded, occupied, and confiscated.  Today, some Americans are starting to wise up, and the American government is turning its sites on them.  Our own fellow citizens are being painted as terrorists, and we have come full circle, back to the fear of the Red Scare.

There are, of course, real enemies, but for good reason, we aren't told about them.  The good reason is that they run the United States.  One arm of those enemies is the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).  They have been quietly murdering American soldiers in Iraq for who knows how long, and they record each murder on video.  You can watch their crimes here.  Our so-called leaders know about this, but have kept it quiet.  Of course they would, since they are another arm of the true enemy.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Killing us softly

We know our air is heavily contaminated with carcinogens produced by the internal combustion engines in our vehicles, and that the incidence of cancer has exploded over the last 100 years.

We know our water is fluoridated with a neurotoxic waste product from aluminum manufacturing, fluorosilicic acid.

"Fluoride as an additive has a dark past: it was first added to water in the Soviet Gulag (prison system) since it is a neurological poison and made political and other difficult prisoners complacent and therefore easier to manage. It was added to the water supplies of the Nazi death and slave labor camps for the same reason." -- source

You might have wondered why people have become so complacent.  Or if you're like most Americans, you just don't care, because the fluoride in the water is already working so well.  Hypothyroidism, a medical condition caused by excessive fluoride exposure, is also rampant, growing at an exponential rate of 11% per year, and thyroid medications account for billions of dollars in prescription sales.

So what do the ruling sociopaths do for an encore?  This.

It's the flour, pasta, breads, cereals, and other wheat products we consume.  Specifically, it's the gliadin.  It makes us eat more.

Have you been wondering why obesity is such a problem nowadays?  Or diabetes?  We've long suspected the increasing use of high fructose corn syrup in foods as one culprit, but did anyone suspect the "staff of life", meaning bread and other wheat products?

What better way to enslave billions of people than to make them dependent on your medical system in order to live?  And if hundreds of millions die in the process, do you think sociopaths care?

And they convince us to pray for it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Problem


Regardless of who we put in government, with very few exceptions, they are purchased by the moneyed interests.  How could we expect it to be otherwise?  We humans are trained from childhood to perform tasks for money.  This pervasive and incessant brainwashing steers our lives.  It is exactly what the people that control the money want.  By controlling the money, they control us.  For as long as we accept their money, we are their slaves.  They own us.

What wouldn't you do for money? Would you make a military career out of serving the sociopathic masters in their quest for world domination?  Millions of us do.  Would you contribute your labor and brainpower to companies building weapon systems used to murder other humans in distant lands?  Millions of us do.  Would you work for government?  Millions of us do.  Would you give a hefty portion of your earnings (known as taxes) to those running this slave market?  Nearly all of us do.

Does anyone see the problem here?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Workin hard for da Massah

Slavery has come a long way, Baby.  It used to be that when you were a slave, you knew it.  You were ripped out of your familiar life, chained up, shipped to an unfamiliar land, and put to work under penalty of corporal punishment or death.  Today, things are so much more subtle.

Today, when you are working for the Massah, you don't even know there's a master.  You think you are working by your own free will, to earn money to buy the essentials of life.  What you don't know is that the money is the Massah's script, it's only good at the "company" stores, the prices are rigged, and everything you can choose to buy has been determined for you.

And slavery is no longer an "all or nothing" business.  It's done now in slowly but steadily increasing increments.  In that sneaky way, few ever realize how their time is being stolen from them to serve the Massah.  Allow me to illustrate.

Let's look at the least privileged of the working class, those working for minimum wage.  Even they need shelter, a place to call their own, a home.  How long do they have to work for the Massah's "company" to earn enough to buy the average new home?

In 1956, when I was just a baby, the minimum wage was $1/hour, and the typical new home cost $11,700.  The math is easy in this case.  A new home would cost you 11,700 hours of working for the "company".

In 2006, fifty years later, the minimum wage was $5.15/hour, and the typical new home cost $243,067.  A new home would cost you 47,197 hours of working for the "company".

You can see the trend for yourself below.  Note that unlike the value of money, an hour of work is the same today as it was in 1956.

  Year    Home Price    Min wage    Hours

  1956     $ 11,700      $1.00      11700
  1966     $ 21,400      $1.25      17120
  1976     $ 44,200      $2.10      21048
  1986     $ 92,000      $3.35      27463
  1996     $140,000      $4.75      29474
  2006     $243,067      $5.15      47197

That's a pretty good con-game!  The Massah has slowly gotten the slaves to work four times longer to buy the same stuff.  And most of those people don't even know there's a master or a con-game!

Things have improved some since 2006.  We're in a severe economic depression now, debt is astronomical, inflation is rampant but deliberately under-reported, and housing prices have fallen while the minimum wage has risen.  It's a great time to buy a house at the bargain price of only 30,163 hours of work!

If you can find a job.

One other note – the figures used for these calculations are from the U.S. government, an entity well known for “adjusting” statistics to make itself look good.  That means my calculations are probably the best-case scenario, and the true reality is worse than I have indicated.

Here are the primary sources for home prices and minimum wage that I used.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shell game

A legitimate shell game.

This November, America gets conned again. It happens every four years. We vote, thinking that we control the destiny of our country. In reality, we do no such thing. In reality, it is we that are controlled.

We have all been brain-washed to vote for either the Democrat or the Republican. This is a very simple shell game. We are presented with only two shells and told to pick the one with the prize underneath. The shells are swapped around in front of our eyes, but we diligently fix our gaze on the shell we know contains the prize. We follow it until the dance stops, and we make our selection. The shell is slowly turned over to reveal its contents, and it is, of course, empty. What we don't realize is that the prize was never really there to begin with.

Every four years, we are faced with choosing the lesser of two evils. No matter which one we choose, we still get evil. And that is the story of our nation in a nutshell.

The blatant corruption at the Republican National Convention in Florida is in-your-face. It should be headlined in every newspaper and on every TV set, but it is not. Why? Because the mainstream media is owned by the same people that own the politicians. Those owners are the people that run the shell game. They are called the elite, but they are con-artists. Most are psychological deviants known as sociopaths. They control the shell game, and thus the nation, all the way down to you and me.

So what are you going to do about it? Play the con-game again, thinking that maybe this time you'll win? Or do you refuse to play the game, and start exposing the con-artists for what they are -- parasitic criminals that must be removed from society.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Drugs R Us

(Originally published April 12, 2010 on MySpace.)

Note:  The video clip above has been censored. You can see that is the case again here.  A similar (but possibly sanitized) video can still be seen here.

"Fighting the Opium Trade" is how Fox News labels the above news item, wherein the U.S. government practically announces that "Drugs R US".  Are brainwashed Americans really incapable of seeing through this charade?  That would appear to be the case, so I've volunteered to help clear things up.

According to this ludicrous propaganda piece, the American military must "tolerate" record levels of opium production in the premier opium belt of the world (Helmand River Valley, Afghanistan), supposedly because opium farmers are held economic "hostage" by the Taliban, who lend the farmers the necessary money to run their farms.  Should 15,000 American troops, perhaps the finest fighting force ever assembled (according to our intrepid reporter Geraldo Rivera), move to destroy any of the opium crop, hundreds of simple Afghan farmers would turn against them.  So naturally, the military's hands are tied, and they respectfully provide seed and fertilizer to the farmers to get their crop started, and then they protect the fields to ensure a bountiful harvest.  Do the farmers pay our military for that seed, fertilizer, and protection with the money they "borrowed" from the Taliban?  Don't be silly!  Most likely the Taliban and the U.S. military work together with the farmers to produce record amounts of opium, and the three parties then divvy up the lucrative profits.  The majority of the profit (TRILLIONS of dollars) flows back into the hands of the criminal sociopaths running the U.S. government, since they provide the "protection" and also ensure that all the drugs derived from the opium have a ready market willing to pay top dollar, that market being primarily the tens of millions of drug users in the United States.

Disinformation like this video report is regularly spoon-fed to the unsuspecting American public.  As another example, directly related to the above video, read this.  Those very opium fields were falsely presented to Americans as a city of 80,000 spread out over 80 square miles hiding thousands of dangerous Taliban insurgents that needed to be routed out by our troops.  That was the excuse given to send those American troops to Afghanistan so that "our" opium harvest could be protected.

For over 50 years, the secretive agencies of the U.S. government have been in the drug-running business.  Now it's done out in the open using our regular military.  These drug operations, that the public pays for with their taxes, rack up unbelievable profits used to fund expensive "black operations" that the public is not allowed to know about, like hundreds of DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases), FEMA camps, and top-secret military space operations.  Why?  Why do they want to keep us drugged and brainwashed?  Are we their slaves or something?

Well, are we?


Sunday, July 29, 2012

The wealth gap

What will the irreverent son of a rich man say, or do?  Surprisingly, like father, like son.

The growing wealth gap is a very visible symptom of a very disturbing problem.  The wealth gap is inherently unfair.  Few would deny that the world is an unfair place, and that some people should receive higher rewards for greater contributions.  That means a wealth gap in itself, within reason, is healthy.  But what about a constantly growing wealth gap, with the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer?

Milton Friedman, respected economist and one of the architects of the current economy (an economy that is clearly in the midst of self-destruction), says the poor are better off now than they would be otherwise.  Absolute nonsense!  The monetary numbers he would use to justify his statement are rigged.  2012 dollars are not the same as 1992 dollars, which are not the same as dollars from any other year!  We can't even measure the difference accurately, because official figures for inflation and dollar devaluation are woefully low and dishonest.  But if we could measure accurately, I suspect we would indeed find that the vast majority of people are worse off, and Milton Friedman is deluding himself and others because of the personal benefit he receives, which is a complete conflict of interest.  That same conflict of interest is exactly why government inflation figures are so bogus.  The wealthy profit at the expense of everyone else.  Parasites rule.  The rest of us are lunch.

Suppose the wealth gap was limited, so that the wealthiest among us could be no richer than 1000 times that of the poorest among us.  When any one person hit the wealth limit, any additional income of his would be divided among all the people, effectively making the poor slightly wealthier and thereby raising the wealth limit.  Under that simple system, a rising tide lifts all boats.  The wealthy can still be wealthy, but now, everyone can benefit.  The wealth gap remains fixed, and the only way to greater wealth for the wealthiest among us is to make everyone richer.

What if the wealth gap were limited to 100 times that of the poorest among us, or only 10 times?  What if it were 1 times the poorest among us, and all of us contributed to the rising tide in order to enrich us all equally?

Is that the secret to highly-advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that make us look so primitive?


Thursday, July 26, 2012

The money scam

"The entire world economy rests on the consumer;
if he ever stops spending money he doesn't have
on things he doesn't need -- we're done for."
-- Bill Bonner

This is the path I have chosen.  For years now, I have stopped spending money I don't have for things I don't need.

I am out to destroy the world economy.

Surely that makes me a terrorist, at least in the eyes of those that control the creation of money.  But if the world economy is a clever scam designed to enslave the people of the world that do not control the creation of money, that would make me a patriot.  To the 1%, I am a terrorist.  To the 99%, I am a patriot, though most of them can't see it that way, as they are still too wrapped up in the con-game to understand the reality of the situation.  They are living in an artificial Matrix, which is the only "reality" they know.

"Who would appreciate such candor?  No one.  None of us really likes honesty.  We prefer deception – but only when it is unabashedly flattering or artfully camouflaged.  Groups seem to need to believe that they are superior to others and that they have a purpose greater than just passing along their genes to the next generation.  Individuals seem to need similar delusions – about who they are and why they do what they do.  They need heroes, however fraudulent…  Studies show that people are more likely to accept the opinion of a confident con man than the cautious view of someone who actually knows what he is talking about.  And professionals who form overconfident opinions on the basis of incorrect readings of the facts are more likely to succeed than their more competent peers who display greater doubt.

What’s more, deception works best, according to studies by psychologists, when the person doing the deceiving is fool enough to be deceived, too; that is, when he believes his own lies.  That is why incompetent leaders – who are naïve enough to fall for their own guff – are such a danger to civilized life.  If they are modern leaders, they must also delude themselves into thinking they know how to make the world a better place.  Invariably, the answers they propose to problems are ones that bubble up from their own vanity, the essence of which is to make the rest of the world look just like them!" -- Bill Bonner

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who benefits?

Cui bono?

Who benefits?  When it comes to traumatizing events like the Oklahoma City bombing, the London Tube bombings, 9/11, or the Aurora theater massacre, your first clue as to what the event is really about is to ask “Who benefits?”

The foundation of mind control as practiced by the secret intelligence agencies (like the CIA's long-running MKULTRA program) is trauma.  Individual trauma influences individuals, and public trauma influences the public.  It's applied psychological science, and it works consistently, as judged by the long history of success behind it.  For example, Pearl Harbor was knowingly allowed to happen by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in order to completely change public sentiment in the USA from neutral non-involvement in the war to full gung-ho participation.  It clearly worked.

Why would Roosevelt do that?  Money controls politics, and his banker bosses wanted bigger profits.  They were well aware that War is a Racket, and a very lucrative one at that.

Because of the secrecy of that conspiracy combined with a convincing patriotic propaganda blitz, Americans had no clue in 1941 why Pearl Harbor had occurred, so they could not accurately answer the question of “Who benefits?”  That is almost always the case, because plausible deniability is always built into the operation.  Nevertheless, with time and painstaking research, the truth is sometimes eventually revealed.  And sometimes, it is never revealed.  That means that many of the things we believe to be true are not true.  And that is mind control.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Conning for control

The New World Order masterminds want the Constitution gutted and the American public disarmed.  They need a "new Pearl Harbor", or perhaps a series of miniature ones, to catalyze Americans into demanding a solution to small-arms violence, a solution the NWO masterminds already have prepared through their front organization, the United Nations.  It's a classic "problem, reaction, solution" operation.  Obama is already on board, as is Hillary Clinton, and all the other necessary political puppets that money can buy.  The CIA is called in, as usual, to prepare the top-secret black operation.  A young loner is selected as the patsy.  Using well-practiced mind control techniques, the patsy is prepped for the actual event that will dominate the media for weeks at the precise time to best influence the desired results on the world stage.  The unfortunate victim's life changes dramatically, as does his behavior, under the influence of the drugs he never saw coming, like scopolamine.  The big day arrives, and he calmly walks into a movie theater heavily armed and begins the massacre in an almost robotic state, again due to the "medication" the CIA is notorious for using.  In the meantime, the CIA has wired his apartment with booby-traps to enhance the media frenzy that will result.  Surely now the American public will have to support the small-arms legislation coming from the United Nations that Hillary will trumpet and Obama will sign. No more pesky Second Amendment.

This may be a hypothetical scenario, or it may not.  It should not be lightly dismissed.

The normal James Holmes

The patsy James Holmes.

Who's the girl? CIA handler?


Saturday, July 14, 2012

9/11 -- the smoking gun

The evidence is in, and it appears to be incontestable.

"It is out of the question that all of these correlations which are the signature of a nuclear explosion could have occurred by chance.  This is impossible." -- source

The chemical evidence for nuclear fission occurring on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center is finally seeing the light of day.

"The presence of rare Trace elements such as Cerium, Yttrium and Lanthanum is enough to raise eyebrows in themselves, let alone in quantities of 50ppm to well over 100ppm.  When the quantities then vary widely from place to place but still correlate with each other according to the relationships expected from nuclear fission, it is beyond ALL doubt that the variations in concentration are due to that same common process of nuclear fission.

When we find Barium and Strontium present, in absolutely astronomical concentrations of over 400ppm to over 3000ppm, varying from place to place but varying in lockstep and according to known nuclear relationships – the implications are of the utmost seriousness."

The implications are clear -- the United States government lied, because it was complicit in the crime.  The media cooperated, because they are controlled by the powers that be.  Justice demands that the government be immediately shut down and dismantled, and that the media be seized and restructured.  Will it ever happen?  Not likely, because there is no sense of justice left in the brainwashed and "medicated" American public.  They are sheep, only fit for herding and slaughter.  As long as it is not their turn to be slaughtered, they will graze on the GMO food-stock contentedly, lap up the neurotoxic water, and breathe in the chemically laced air.  And when it is their turn to be slaughtered, they may try to bleat out a cry for help, but no one will pay any attention.

"This type of data has probably never been available to the public before.  It is an unprecedented insight into the action of a nuclear device."

Not that it matters to the sheeple.

"September 11th, 2001, was the first Nuclear event within a major United States city and a global financial center of the world and this is the biggest secret of this century, until now."

Typical American:  (Yawn)  Yeah, right.  What do I care...

Welcome to the real world.  Welcome to insanity.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Got thoughts? We can fix that.

The organized sociopaths running the world are great observers and quick learners.  Of course, the lessons they take away from their learning experiences are very different from what a normal person would embrace.  That's because sociopaths lack empathy, which changes their entire world view to something a normal person would find very disturbing.  That's why sociopaths are so secretive and deceptive -- as a small minority, their survival amongst us caring, empathetic "normals" depends on keeping us "undisturbed".

It is clear that those running that world have multifaceted programs in place designed to "dumb us down".  Well, maybe it's not so clear, since the programs are secretive and well disguised, but the evidence for them is substantial.  For example, actor Tom Cruise's divorce details are considered important world news.  Entertainment is big business designed to deliver mind-numbing distractions, like judging how well famous people can dance.  The "war on drugs" is run by governments heavily involved in the clandestine production of those same drugs.  Health care is focused on relieving symptoms, not curing illness, guaranteeing permanent customers of pharmaceutical products.  Public education is primarily focused on turning out obedient workers.  Why would sociopaths want dull-minded, dependent, obedient workers?  Because sociopaths are parasites that live off the labor of others.  If you think of the world as a stately Southern plantation from 1840, the sociopaths are the Master, government employees are the foremen that give the orders and keep the laborers in line, and the general population are the slaves that do the grunt work.

While researching the nuclear power industry and the nuclear weapons industry from which it sprang, I ran across the following example of "lessons sociopaths learn".  I thought is was quite revealing, helping to explain the secrecy, the compartmentalization of specialized knowledge, the "dumbing down", and the other complex manipulations of normal people that sociopaths engineer.

The Y-12 electromagnetic plant units were initially operated by scientists from Berkeley to remove bugs and achieve a reasonable operating rate.  They were then turned over to trained Tennessee Eastman operators who had only a high school education.  Nichols compared unit production data, and pointed out to physicist Ernest Lawrence that the young "hillbilly" girl operators were outproducing his PhDs.  They agreed to a production race and Lawrence lost, a morale boost for the Tennessee Eastman workers and supervisors.  The girls were "trained like soldiers not to reason why", while "the scientists could not refrain from time-consuming investigation of the cause of even minor fluctuations of the dials". -- Source

Y12 "hillbilly" operators.

Monday, July 9, 2012

You want a what?


Dare you think it?  Dare you do it?

The United States of America was born of revolution.  We celebrate that revolution every July 4.  Our greatest ancestors were revolutionaries.  They pledged their honor, their fortunes, and their lives to freedom and independence.  They were dissidents, insurgents, terrorists, and traitors.  Some of their names are remembered more than 200 years later.  John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Hercules Mulligan (!), and many others.  Some of their words are still remembered as well.

"Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God!  I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" -- Patrick Henry

"I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country." -- Nathan Hale

"God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion....  What signify a few lives lost in a century or two?  The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure." -- Thomas Jefferson

The second American revolution occurred 80 years after the first concluded.  Unlike the first revolution, this one, now known as the Civil War, was successfully crushed by force.  It began with a group of southern states seceding from the United States, as was their Constitutional right.  But allowing any state the liberty to remove itself from the now thoroughly corrupted "nation" was twisted into treason by the criminals in command.  As George Orwell correctly pointed out, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."  Likewise, in times of universal injustice, acting within your unalienable rights becomes a crime.  The Civil War should have been our first clue that the freedom the first Revolutionary War secured was already lost.  Tyranny was back.

Fast forward 148 years to 2012.  The Constitution is being violated with impunity now by the very government that claims to be its offspring.  The right to assemble is brutally denied by militarized police.  The right to free speech is censored.  Even the freedom to come and go as you please is slowly constrained for your so-called safety and security.  And freedom of information is no more, withdrawn and secreted away in the interests of national security.  The right to bear arms will probably be the next to fall.  You and I are left alone, gagged, bound, and mostly deaf, being allowed to hear only what is approved by the ruling authorities.  And soon, without even the right to possess a gun, we will be utterly defenseless.

There is only one way we will get out of this.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

July 4, 2012.  Once it was "Independence Day".  No longer.

July 4 is a day of remembering the liberties and freedoms our ancestors battled to obtain that we have let slip through our fingers like fine sand.  Over the decades that followed 1776, men of great deception and manipulation with no empathy for humanity tricked us into compliance, into subjugation, into increasing degrees of dependence and slavery.  They own us now, directing our activities through the distribution of green bills of paper and digits in a computer that they control and that we desire.  Everything is tied to money, and we are bought and sold like sheep.  Liberty and freedom only belong to those that create the money, and they aren't sharing.

Remember this Fourth of July.  Remember that you are not free.  Remember that you are not independent.  Remember that you are owned.  It is not the whip that keeps you obedient, it is the money.

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." --- Goethe.

America was reshaped while we napped.  Wake up, America.

Not even 30 pieces of silver...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Truth be told...

Americans won't ever get the truth from the puppets running the country at the behest of the ruling sociopaths.  It will have to come from ... ... the North Koreans!  And so it does, in the film below, which makes one wonder why the North Koreans are at the head of the American "evil empire" list, along with the Iranians.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Although I have only seen half the film, as that's all that's available so far, I have to say it is completely in synch with everything I have discovered independently during the last eight years of intensive research.  My hat is off to the North Koreans.  I suspect that everything my own government has told me about them is a clever fabrication and total propaganda.  Why wouldn't it be?

Now, do some research.  Type this into Google -- "North Korean film exposes Western propaganda".  One of the initial sources for this video, John Friend's Blog (Item # 9 on Google's result list), has apparently been shut down.  It's just gone, the whole site, and all the blogs on it.  Coincidence?  It was there not long ago, according to Northern Truth Seeker, because that's where he was alerted to the video on June 14, 2012.  Good thing much of Google is highly automated and humongous, otherwise this story might never have seen the light of day in the USA!

It gets better.  Hey, this research stuff is fun!  Someone named Sabine apparently was to be interviewed by the "police" (more likely intelligence agents involved in the American mind control or propaganda program that this film exposes) about the source of this North Korean documentary.  Though this may or may not be propaganda (what a twisted world we live in), it fits the story:

I have been contacted by the Police and asked to go in for an interview tomorrow (June 16) and discuss how I came into possession of this documentary.  On legal advice I am posting this statement: on a recent trip to visit family in Seoul I was approached by two North Korean defectors with a request to translate a film.  The following day I met with them and they handed me a disc with a copy of the film, which they said had recently been brought into the country by a defector new to their group.  They asked me to translate the film and "make sure the world saw it" and an agreement was made to protect their identities (and mine).  Despite my concerns about what I was viewing, I proceeded to translate and post the film here because of the extraordinary content.  As I have posted earlier, I don't believe this film was ever intended for a domestic audience.  I believe the 'defectors' specifically targeted me because of my reputation as a translator and interpreter.  The fact that I have continued to translate and post the film in spite of this belief does not make me complicit in their intention to spread their ideology.  I've chosen to keep posting this film because - regardless of who made it - everyone should see it for the issues it raises.  Please share the uploaded parts while it's still on YouTube.  I believe it is my right to share this film and that is what I will tell the Police tomorrow.

Thank You,


How long will the first five parts last on YouTube before they are censored?  How long before the next five parts get posted on the Internet, if ever?  To the people involved in creating and posting those next five parts, hurry!  And don't just post to YouTube -- they are under the thumbs of the censors!  And to the censors trying to keep the truth under wraps ... ... UP YOURS!

Monday, June 18, 2012


I had to drive out to the airport yesterday, and I pulled off the road to take the above picture.

This is a picture of the essentials of life -- air, water, and food.  There's a lot of air, only a little water, and hardly any food.  We depend on all three to live, as does every other living thing on the planet.

We are poisoning all three at an accelerating rate.

In the past, we poisoned them for short time scales that were easily reversed.  Now we are poisoning them for very long time scales that could be considered irreversible.  For example, the primary components of the continuously leaking Fukushima radiation are Caesium-137 and Strontium-90.  With half-lives of around 30 years, these biologically active poisons will stick around in the environment for some 450 years (about 15 half-lives) even if we manage to stop them today, which we apparently can't.  Although 450 years is not exactly permanent, the genetic effects probably will be.

Even worse is the depleted uranium we use with wild abandon for armor-piercing munitions in our endless wars.  With a half-life of 4.5 billion years, the resulting depleted uranium dust will remain in the environment for 67 billion years.  Considering that the age of our planet is the same as the half-life of depleted uranium, that could be considered permanent.  And unlike the three Fukushima melt-downs that spew radiation continuously, we could stop the release of depleted uranium into our environment today, if we were smart.

But we're not smart.

Unfit species go extinct.  Guess where we're heading?  Unfortunately, we may take nearly the entire planetary ecosystem with us, including the millions of other species we share the planet with.

That would make Homo sapiens the greatest traitor to the concept of life that this planet has seen in all of recorded history.

Is that our legacy?


Saturday, June 9, 2012

The real terrorists

One of these men is a terrorist.
(Hint:  It's the one you think you know the most about.)

The real terrorists are the ones telling us who the terrorists are.

They're the ones that told us in the 50s that the Communists would nuke us.  They said the North Koreans were a threat to our liberty.  In the 60s, they claimed the North Vietnamese were a threat to democracy.  They announced that our President had been assassinated by a lone Cuban sympathizer.  They told us who assassinated Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy while hiding the true murderers.  In 2001, they even fingered Arabs armed with box-cutters as the perpetrators of 9/11.  They identified the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.  And now they are telling us which Americans are considered terrorists and need to be assassinated using sophisticated drones and other clandestine methods.

The terrorist threat is very real, but it is not what we are led to believe.  Our most trusted public servants are deciding who the terrorists are.  Now we are being quietly targeted should we dare to question their judgment.

How dumb can we get?


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We are Indians now

A friend of mine is a Native American from the Tlingit tribe in southern Alaska.  Her father was a respected educator and government official who recently passed away.  A box of her father's papers turned up unexpectedly, scheduled to be shredded, but by fortunate coincidence she was able to claim the papers and save them.

She showed me one of those papers today.  It was a photocopy of an old 1923 edict from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  It appears to be authentic, as I was able to find several references to it with an Internet search of "February 24 1923 commissioner Burke Indian Affairs".

What I read in this paper gave me additional perspective into the origins of the insanity we are faced with in the world today.  We are all Native Americans now, and the government (via the Department of Homeland Security) is keen on "correcting" us.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Got hope?

You do?  We can fix that.

This article is the most realistic summary of the current human situation that I've ever seen.

You might wonder how sociopaths are related to all this.  They are the root problem.

From the article:
Because psychopaths are almost completely in charge of nearly all governments, government response is for the most part corrupt – thinly veiled thefts of money, land, power, and anything else to be had, always "in the people's interest" but never achieving any positive result – at least, not for "the people."

And did you know about the hidden nuclear disaster of 1957?  I didn't either.  What else aren't they telling us?

More than we can possibly imagine.

Friday, April 20, 2012

American, but...

American down!

I'm an American.


Barack Obama is not my president. He's a fraud, a puppet for money men meant to deceive the ordinary citizens of my country. All of the preceding presidents of my past were the same.

The members of Congress do not represent me. They too are frauds, bought and paid for by the money men. These so-called representatives pretend to represent my interests and the interests of my fellow countrymen, but they do not.

The majority of the laws of my country are invalid and do not apply to me or anyone else. They were conceived in deception by false representatives, worded to obfuscate, and designed to manipulate and control. They are abominations.

The crimes of my country, the quiet assassinations, the hidden torture, the murders, the oppression, the lies, the legalized theft, the tyranny, and the wars, are not my crimes. They are orchestrated by a relatively small association of criminal sociopaths that thrive in the seats of power of this fallen nation.


The principles of the Declaration of Independence are my principles, that all men and women are created equal, with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. "That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of those ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them (the people) shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness." The government of my country has indeed become destructive of those ends, and not only that, it has quietly organized itself to prevent me or anyone else from altering or abolishing it. Instead, it alters or abolishes anyone that would dare oppose it.

The original Bill of Rights are my rights and the rights of every one of my countrymen. We have the right to own property, to speak freely, to assemble freely, to be secure in our possessions and our homes, and to bear arms. Yet all of these rights have been slowly legislated into effective oblivion by the aforementioned destructive government.

Perhaps you too are an American. Perhaps you too have seen the obscenities perpetrated in your name.

Perhaps we should unite to set things right.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wasting our energy

First, we dig up a lot of rock and crush it.  This takes time, effort, and very heavy equipment that consumes a lot of fuel, which is burned in the engines.  That consumes a lot of oxygen that living things like ourselves need to breathe, but we never worry about that.

Then the rock is transported to a factory, often far away, sometimes across the ocean.  More time, effort, and fuel is consumed.

At the factory, a very hot (200 degrees C) mixture of water and lye is mixed with the crushed rock.  The particulates are filtered out and thrown away.  Lots of energy is used to heat the liquid initially and dispose of the particulate matter.  The caustic liquid is then allowed to cool, causing a solid precipitate to settle out of the liquid.  The precipitate is collected and dried, then it's heated to 1000 degrees C to melt it (lots more energy consumed here).

While melted in this hot liquid state, a strong electric current, using millions of amps factory-wide, is passed through the liquid (lots more energy required for that).  A pure, molten metal is produced.  By the way, the required electrical energy is so great, you need to have your own hydroelectric dam nearby.  I won't even try to explain how much time, effort, and energy was needed to create that hydroelectric dam.  Needless to say, it's HUGE.

The metal is cooled and rolled into sheets.  The sheets are transported (more energy) to another factory where they are formed into containers (more energy), filled with filtered water (more energy to obtain and transport that) and corn syrup (lots more energy to produce, grow, transport, and process that), and then shipped all over the world (OMG, still more energy).

We're almost done.

Individuals, using machinery called SUVs (weighing tons that took enormous amounts of time, effort, and energy to manufacture), purchase and consume lots of fuel (itself produced at enormous energy and transportation costs) to travel to distribution points and purchase the metal containers full of syrup water.  All of these purchases require money, which itself required vast amounts of time, effort, and energy to obtain.  All of these smiling individuals return to their home areas, where they store the containers until they are transported to other locations, opened, and eight ounces of syrup water, known to be disruptive to the proper biochemistry of the body, is ingested.

Then, get this, the flawless container made of highly refined, nearly pure elemental aluminum metal, is THROWN AWAY, after only a single use!  It is often crushed and returned to the earth in a landfill!

If that isn't collective insanity, then I don't know what is.

Surprise, there is also an energy crisis.  And an environmental crisis.  And a health crisis.  And an economic crisis.  And non-stop war, which is a behavioral crisis that greatly contributes to all the other crises.

Geez-us Crises!

We do it for this.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Just say no to money

Money ruins everything.

We are brainwashed from childhood to make our decisions based on money. As adults, we will sell out other humans if it adds to our bottom line. We will even destroy the local environment to make money, as long as that destroyed environment is not in our backyard.

But people are starting to wake up. They are beginning to realize that the love of money is the root of all evil. Well, not entirely. We are now beginning to understand that money is not the real problem. The real problem is sociopaths being in control of the money and almost everything else as a result. But we need not split hairs. Sociopaths and money are so closely connected, it almost becomes a "chicken or egg" question.

A valley in Switzerland just demonstrated for us that we are not all completely brainwashed. Of course, this could never happen in the USA, home of the "no mind" zombies, who would stick a knife in your heart if the price is right. But no matter. If you check with people who still know what it means to live like true humans, you find the spark of goodness has not been snuffed out.

An estimated $1200 million dollars in gold ore is in their backyard. The 450 residents in the valley were offered about 3.5% of that, or nearly $37 million, over a period of 10 years, if they would allow the mining to take place. That works out to about $8155 dollars per resident per year for ten years.

They refused to allow their valley to be ruined by a margin of 2 to 1. I guess the price wasn't right.

Know what? There is no price that is acceptable to let others destroy your ancestral homeland. No price. None. Nada.

Some of us still remember that.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Feed yourself

Originally posted 1/27/2010

A beautiful mind.

Last night, on my 55th birthday anniversary, an intangible gift from Heaven blew my mind.

Oh, I received some other extraordinary gifts yesterday that had already marked this birthday as a very special day indeed in my otherwise mundane and unremarkable existence.  My young and head-strong friend Over Unity continued to butt heads with me, allowing me to analyze and categorize the very same mental "features" (as we jokingly call "bugs" in computer software) that immobilized my thinking for much of my life.  My friend Carla, a woman of exceptional insight, once again pointed out a small detail with enormous implications that I had never really thought about, despite its everyday occurrence and its impact on all of our lives.  My off-the-wall friend Zephram Stark (when I hear my English friend use the word "loopy", I often think of Zeph), despite creating his own reality that implausibly includes both me and Over Unity, still manages to provoke trains of thought in my mind that lead to new and revealing understandings about the human condition.  Yes, these "strangers" (stranger than me, I suspect) that I have never met have enriched my life.  These are all wonderful gifts (found in the comments of my prior blog), and I felt very blessed on my 55th birthday.

And then, when I thought the day couldn't be better, another gift fell out of the sky into my lap.  That gift was from the mind of one man.  Of course, he is only the latest link in a longer chain.  He stands on the shoulders of giants, and he readily acknowledges it.  But he probed farther with stubborn curiosity and determination, going where no man has gone before, at least not in the last 10,000 years or so.  Chances are nearly 100% that you have never heard of this man or the giants on whose shoulders he is perched.  That is revealing in itself, especially when you consider that you have probably all heard and accepted as fact the conventional and absurd explanations for the structures he is investigating.

This is the story of a water pump.  It doesn't involve motors, or diaphragms, or coiled springs, or even steel.  Instead it involves the simplest of things, like stone, precision, gravity, physics, and thinking (something we are encouraged to avoid in our "bread and circus" society -- why is that?).  Perhaps "simplest" is a poor word choice here.  Instead, let's say it involves the most "fundamental" of things.  And finally, it involves one of the largest, "in-your-face" mysteries in the entire world.  No, it's not my "why is that?" question.

This time, for a long list of reasons, I'm not going to spoon-feed the puzzle pieces to you.  I want you to learn to feed yourself.  Like any child being weaned from his mother's breast, many of you are not going to like this.  Hopefully later, like that same child, you will understand and be grateful.  At least, that is my hope.  Should this exercise fail to have the desired result, the fall-back position is that I am, of course, a crazy idiot.

Start here or here.

Be sure to hit the following:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lab rats

(Originally published February 13, 2009 on MySpace.)

Imagine a country where you really have no rights, even though you are told that you do.  There is a modern government, but it is two-faced.  One face is public, providing entertainment and calming reassurance.  The other face is private, classified, and top-secret.  It engages in unspeakable acts, concealing and destroying evidence to guarantee deniability.  The people in this country are considered lab rats by their government, and as such the people are subjected to experimentation without their knowledge.  They are poisoned, irradiated, infected, sickened, debilitated, and even killed.  They are rewarded with treats when they behave in acceptable ways, and they are punished when they do not.  There are stories of abduction, secret imprisonment, and torture, but this only happens to individuals identified by the government as terrorists, and the people of this country know that they are not terrorists, so they don't worry about such stories.  Their government keeps them well misinformed, uneducated, isolated, and dependent.  They are told that they have the most freedom, the highest standard of living, the safest work places, the healthiest food and water, the cleanest environment, the most stable currency, the brightest future, the fairest and most balanced news, and the best in entertainment.  But it's all a lie.  However, the people are so convinced it's true that they will turn on anyone that says anything to the contrary.

Of course, this country is one that we imagined.  The document that follows gives you a peek into some recent history of this fabled country.

We interrupt this bulletin for an important public service announcement:

The United States government would like to thank you for your continuing participation in the biowarfare experimental studies program.  Those that didn't survive have provided us with invaluable statistics that will remain on file long after their families stop mourning.  Those of you still suffering from the effects of the designer pathogens that your tax dollars paid for can take comfort in the knowledge that your malaise drives both the pharmaceutical and health care industries, two important pillars of our national economy.  For those who have yet to feel the effects of previous generation pathogens, rest assured that your government is working feverishly to create new and improved toxins designed especially for you.  Without your contributions, the United States government could not continue to divide and conquer the terrorists opposing us all over the world.  God bless America!

Pathogenic Mycoplasma - A Common Disease Agent Weaponized

by Donald W.  Scott, MA, MSc

There are 200 species of Mycoplasma.  Most are innocuous and do no harm; only four or five are pathogenic.  Mycoplasma fermentans (incognitus strain) probably comes from the nucleus of the Brucella bacterium.  This disease agent is not a bacterium and not a virus; it is a mutated form of the Brucella bacterium, combined with a visna virus, from which the mycoplasma is extracted.

The pathogenic Mycoplasma used to be very innocuous, but biological warfare research conducted between 1942 and the present time has resulted in the creation of more deadly and infectious forms of Mycoplasma.

Researchers extracted this mycoplasma from the Brucella bacterium and actually reduced the disease to a crystalline form.  They "weaponized" it and tested it on an unsuspecting public in North America.

Dr. Maurice Hilleman, chief virologist for the pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp & Dohme, stated that this disease agent is now carried by everybody in North America and possibly most people throughout the world.

Despite reporting flaws, there has clearly been an increased incidence of all the neuro/systemic degenerative diseases since World War II and especially since the 1970s with the arrival of previously unheard-of diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome and AIDS.

According to Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo, senior researcher at The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and one of America’s top mycoplasma researchers, this disease agent causes many illnesses including AIDS, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn’s colitis, Type I diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Wegener’s disease and collagen-vascular diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Charles Engel, who is with the US National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, stated the following at an NIH meeting on February 7, 2000:  "I am now of the view that the probable cause of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia is the mycoplasma…"

I have all the official documents to prove that mycoplasma is the disease agent in chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia as well as in AIDS, multiple sclerosis and many other illnesses.

Of these, 80% are US or Canadian official government documents, and 20% are articles from peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association, New England Journal of Medicine and the Canadian Medical Association Journal.  The journal articles and government documents complement each other.

How the Mycoplasma Works

The mycoplasma acts by entering into the individual cells of the body, depending upon your genetic predisposition.

You may develop neurological diseases if the pathogen destroys certain cells in your brain, or you may develop Crohn’s colitis if the pathogen invades and destroys cells in the lower bowel.

Once the mycoplasma gets into the cell, it can lie there doing nothing sometimes for 10, 20 or 30 years, but if a trauma occurs like an accident or a vaccination that doesn’t take, the mycoplasma can become triggered.

Because it is only the DNA particle of the bacterium, it doesn’t have any organelles to process its own nutrients, so it grows by uptaking pre-formed sterols from its host cell and it literally kills the cell; the cell ruptures and what is left gets dumped into the bloodstream.

Creation of the Mycoplasma

A Laboratory-Made Disease Agent

Many doctors don’t know about this mycoplasma disease agent because it was developed by the US military in biological warfare experimentation and it was not made public.  This pathogen was patented by the United States military and Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo.  I have a copy of the documented patent from the US Patent Office.1

All the countries at war were experimenting with biological weapons.  In 1942, the governments of the United States, Canada and Britain entered into a secret agreement to create two types of biological weapons (one that would kill, and one that was disabling) for use in the war against Germany and Japan, who were also developing biological weapons.

While they researched a number of disease pathogens, they primarily focused on the Brucella bacterium and began to weaponize it.

From its inception, the biowarfare program was characterized by continuing in-depth review and participation by the most eminent scientists, medical consultants, industrial experts and government officials, and it was classified Top Secret.

The US Public Health Service also closely followed the progress of biological warfare research and development from the very start of the program, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States were working with the military in weaponizing these diseases.

These are diseases that have existed for thousands of years, but they have been weaponized — which means they’ve been made more contagious and more effective.  And they are spreading.

The Special Virus Cancer Program, created by the CIA and NIH to develop a deadly pathogen for which humanity had no natural immunity (AIDS), was disguised as a war on cancer but was actually part of MKNAOMI.2  Many members of the Senate and House of Representatives do not know what has been going on.

For example, the US Senate Committee on Government Reform had searched the archives in Washington and other places for the document titled "The Special Virus Cancer Program:  Progress Report No.  8?, and couldn’t find it.  Somehow they heard I had it, called me and asked me to mail it to them.  Imagine, a retired schoolteacher being called by the United States Senate and asked for one of their secret documents!

The US Senate, through the Government Reform Committee, is trying to stop this type of government research.

Crystalline Brucella

The title page of a genuine US Senate Study, declassified on February 24, 1977, shows that George Merck, of the pharmaceutical company, Merck Sharp & Dohme (which now makes cures for diseases that at one time it created), reported in 1946 to the US Secretary of War that his researchers had managed "for the first time" to "isolate the disease agent in crystalline form".3

They had produced a crystalline bacterial toxin extracted from the Brucella bacterium.  The bacterial toxin could be removed in crystalline form and stored, transported and deployed without deteriorating.  It could be delivered by other vectors such as insects, aerosol or the food chain (in nature it is delivered within the bacterium).  But the factor that is working in the Brucella is the mycoplasma.

Brucella is a disease agent that doesn’t kill people; it disables them.  But, according to Dr. Donald MacArthur of the Pentagon, appearing before a congressional committee in 19694, researchers found that if they had mycoplasma at a certain strength — actually, 10 to the 10th power (1010) — it would develop into AIDS, and the person would die from it within a reasonable period of time because it could bypass the natural human defenses.

If the strength was 108, the person would manifest with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia.  If it was 107, they would present as wasting; they wouldn’t die and they wouldn’t be disabled, but they would not be very interested in life; they would waste away.

Most of us have never heard of the disease brucellosis because it largely disappeared when they began pasteurizing milk, which was the carrier.  One salt shaker of the pure disease agent in a crystalline form could sicken the entire population of Canada.  It is absolutely deadly, not so much in terms of killing the body but disabling it.

Because the crystalline disease agent goes into solution in the blood, ordinary blood and tissue tests will not reveal its presence.  The mycoplasma will only crystallize at 8.1 pH, and the blood has a pH of 7.4 pH.  So the doctor thinks your complaint is "all in your head".

Crystalline Brucella and Multiple Sclerosis

In 1998 in Rochester, New York, I met a former military man, PFC Donald Bentley, who gave me a document and told me:  "I was in the US Army, and I was trained in bacteriological warfare.  We were handling a bomb filled with brucellosis, only it wasn’t brucellosis; it was a Brucella toxin in crystalline form.  We were spraying it on the Chinese and North Koreans."

He showed me his certificate listing his training in chemical, biological and radiological warfare.  Then he showed me 16 pages of documents given to him by the US military when he was discharged from the service.

They linked brucellosis with multiple sclerosis, and stated in one section:

"Veterans with multiple sclerosis, a kind of creeping paralysis developing to a degree of 10% or more disability within two years after separation from active service, may be presumed to be service-connected for disability compensation.  Compensation is payable to eligible veterans whose disabilities are due to service."

In other words:  "If you become ill with multiple sclerosis, it is because you were handling this Brucella, we will give you a pension.  Don’t go raising any fuss about it."  In these documents, the government of the United States revealed evidence of the cause of multiple sclerosis, but they didn’t make it known to the public — or to your doctor.

In a 1949 report, Doctors Kyger and Haden suggested "the possibility that multiple sclerosis might be a central nervous system manifestation of chronic brucellosis".  Testing approximately 113 MS patients, they found that almost 95% also tested positive for Brucella.5

We have a document from a medical journal, which concludes that one out of 500 people who had brucellosis would develop what they call neurobrucellosis; in other words, brucellosis in the brain, where the Brucella settles in the lateral ventricles — where the disease multiple sclerosis is basically located.6

Contamination of Camp Detrick Lab Workers

A 1948 New England Journal of Medicine report titled "Acute Brucellosis Among Laboratory Workers" shows us how actively dangerous this agent is.7  The laboratory workers were from Camp Detrick, Frederick, Maryland, where they were developing biological weapons.

Even though these workers had been vaccinated, wore rubberized suits and masks and worked through holes in the compartment, many of them came down with this awful disease because it is so absolutely and terrifyingly infectious.  The article was written by Lt Calderone Howell, Marine Corps, Captain Edward Miller, Marine Corps, Lt Emily Kelly, United States Naval Reserve, and Captain Henry Bookman.  They were all military personnel engaged in making the disease agent Brucella into a more effective biological weapon.

Covert Testing of Mycoplasma

Testing the Dispersal Methods

Documented evidence proves that the biological weapons they were developing were tested on the public in various communities without their knowledge or consent.

The government knew that crystalline Brucella would cause disease in humans.  Now they needed to determine how it would spread and the best way to disperse it.  They tested dispersal methods for Brucella suis and Brucella melitensis at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, in June and September 1952.  Probably, 100% of us now are infected with Brucella suis and Brucella melitensis.8

Another government document recommended the genesis of open-air vulnerability tests and covert research and development programs to be conducted by the Army and supported by the Central Intelligence Agency.

At that time, the Government of Canada was asked by the US Government to cooperate in testing weaponized Brucella, and Canada cooperated fully with the United States.  The US Government wanted to determine whether mosquitoes would carry the disease and also if the air would carry it.

A government report stated that "open-air testing of infectious biological agents is considered essential to an ultimate understanding of biological warfare potentialities because of the many unknown factors affecting the degradation of micro-organisms in the atmosphere".9

Testing via Mosquito Vector in Punta Gorda, Florida

A report from The New England Journal of Medicine reveals that one of the first outbreaks of chronic fatigue syndrome was in Punta Gorda, Florida, back in 1957.10  It was a strange coincidence that a week before these people came down with chronic fatigue syndrome, there was a huge influx of mosquitoes.

The National Institutes of Health claimed that the mosquitoes came from a forest fire 30 miles away.  The truth is that those mosquitoes were infected in Canada by Dr. Guilford B. Reed at Queen’s University.  They were bred in Belleville, Ontario, and taken down to Punta Gorda and released there.

Within a week, the first five cases ever of chronic fatigue syndrome were reported to the local clinic in Punta Gorda.  The cases kept coming until finally 450 people were ill with the disease.

Testing via Mosquito Vector in Ontario

The Government of Canada had established the Dominion Parasite Laboratory in Belleville, Ontario, where it raised 100 million mosquitoes a month.  These were shipped to Queen’s University and certain other facilities to be infected with this crystalline disease agent.

The mosquitoes were then let loose in certain communities in the middle of the night, so that the researchers could determine how many people would become ill with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, which was the first disease to show.

One of the communities they tested it on was the St Lawrence Seaway valley, all the way from Kingston to Cornwall, in 1984.  They let out hundreds of millions of infected mosquitoes.  Over 700 people in the next four or five weeks developed myalgic encephalomyelitis, or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Covert Testing of Other Disease Agents Mad Cow Disease/Kuru/CJD in the Fore Tribe

Before and during World War II, at the infamous Camp 731 in Manchuria, the Japanese military contaminated prisoners of war with certain disease agents.

They also established a research camp in New Guinea in 1942.  There they experimented upon the Fore Indian tribe and inoculated them with a minced-up version of the brains of diseased sheep containing the visna virus which causes "mad cow disease" or Creutzfeldt Jakob disease.

About five or six years later, after the Japanese had been driven out, the poor people of the Fore tribe developed what they called kuru, which was their word for "wasting", and they began to shake, lose their appetites and die.  The autopsies revealed that their brains had literally turned to mush.  They had contracted "mad cow disease" from the Japanese experiments.

When World War II ended, Dr. Ishii Shiro — the medical doctor who was commissioned as a General in the Japanese Army so he could take command of Japan’s biological warfare development, testing and deployment — was captured.  He was given the choice of a job with the United States Army or execution as a war criminal.  Not surprisingly, Dr. Ishii Shiro chose to work with the US military to demonstrate how the Japanese had created mad cow disease in the Fore Indian tribe.

In 1957, when the disease was beginning to blossom in full among the Fore people, Dr. Carleton Gajdusek of the US National Institutes of Health headed to New Guinea to determine how the minced-up brains of the visna-infected sheep affected them.  He spent a couple of years there, studying the Fore people, and wrote an extensive report.  He won the Nobel Prize for "discovering" kuru disease in the Fore tribe.

Testing Carcinogens over Winnipeg, Manitoba

In 1953, the US Government asked the Canadian Government if it could test a chemical over the city of Winnipeg.  It was a big city with 500,000 people, miles from anywhere.

The American military sprayed this carcinogenic chemical in a 1,000%-attenuated form, which they said would be so watered down that nobody would get very sick; however, if people came to clinics with a sniffle, a sore throat or ringing in their ears, the researchers would be able to determine what percentage would have developed cancer if the chemical had been used at full strength.

We located evidence that the Americans had indeed tested this carcinogenic chemical — zinc cadmium sulphide — over Winnipeg in 1953.  We wrote to the Government of Canada, explaining that we had solid evidence of the spraying and asking that we be informed as to how high up in the government the request for permission to spray had gone.  We did not receive a reply.

Shortly after, the Pentagon held a press conference on May 14, 1997, where they admitted what they had done.  Robert Russo, writing for the Toronto Star11 from Washington, DC, reported the Pentagon’s admission that in 1953 it had obtained permission from the Canadian Government to fly over the city of Winnipeg and spray out this chemical — which sifted down on kids going to school, housewives hanging out their laundry and people going to work.

US Army planes and trucks released the chemical 36 times between July and August 1953.  The Pentagon got its statistics, which indicated that if the chemical released had been full strength, approximately a third of the population of Winnipeg would have developed cancers over the next five years.

One professor, Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, MD, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, wrote a magazine article stating that the Pentagon came clean on this because two researchers in Sudbury, Ontario — Don Scott and his son, Bill Scott — had been revealing this to the public.  However, the legwork was done by other researchers!

The US Army actually conducted a series of simulated germ warfare tests over Winnipeg.  The Pentagon lied about the tests to the mayor, saying that they were testing a chemical fog over the city, which would protect Winnipeg in the event of a nuclear attack.

A report commissioned by US Congress, chaired by Dr. Rogene Henderson, lists 32 American towns and cities used as test sites as well.

Brucella Mycoplasma and Disease


The AIDS pathogen was created out of a Brucella bacterium mutated with a visna virus; then the toxin was removed as a DNA particle called a mycoplasma.  They used the same mycoplasma to develop disabling diseases like MS, Crohn's colitis, Lyme disease, etc.

In the previously mentioned US congressional document of a meeting held on June 9, 196912, the Pentagon delivered a report to Congress about biological weapons.  The Pentagon stated:  "We are continuing to develop disabling weapons."  Dr. MacArthur, who was in charge of the research, said:  "We are developing a new lethal weapon, a synthetic biological agent that does not naturally exist, and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired."

Think about it.  If you have a deficiency of acquired immunity, you have an acquired immunity deficiency.  Plain as that.  AIDS.

In laboratories throughout the United States and in a certain number in Canada including at the University of Alberta, the US Government provided the leadership for the development of AIDS for the purpose of population control.  After the scientists had perfected it, the government sent medical teams from the Centers for Disease Control — under the direction of Dr. Donald A. Henderson, their investigator into the 1957 chronic fatigue epidemic in Punta Gorda — during 1969 to 1971 to Africa and some countries such as India, Nepal, and Pakistan where they thought the population was becoming too large.13  They gave them all a free vaccination against smallpox; but five years after receiving this vaccination, 60% of those inoculated were suffering from AIDS.  They tried to blame it on a monkey, which is nonsense.

A professor at the University of Arkansas made the claim that while studying the tissues of a dead chimpanzee she found traces of HIV.  The chimpanzee that she had tested was born in the United States 23 years earlier.  It had lived its entire life in a US military laboratory where it was used as an experimental animal in the development of these diseases.  When it died, its body was shipped to a storage place where it was deep-frozen and stored in case they wanted to analyse it later.  Then they decided that they didn't have enough space for it, so they said, "Anybody want this dead chimpanzee?" and this researcher from Arkansas said:  "Yes.  Send it down to the University of Arkansas.  We are happy to get anything that we can get."  They shipped it down and she found HIV in it.  That virus was acquired by that chimpanzee in the laboratories where it was tested.14

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Chronic fatigue syndrome is more accurately called myalgic encephalomyelitis.  The chronic fatigue syndrome nomenclature was given by the US National Institutes of Health because it wanted to downgrade and belittle the disease.

An MRI scan of the brain of a teenage girl with chronic fatigue syndrome displayed a great many scars or punctate lesions in the left frontal lobe area where portions of the brain had literally dissolved and been replaced by scar tissue.  This caused cognitive impairment, memory impairment, etc.  And what was the cause of the scarring?  The mycoplasma.  So there is very concrete physical evidence of these tragic diseases, even though doctors continue to say they don't know where it comes from or what they can do about it.

Many people with chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis and fibromyalgia who apply to the Canada Pensions Plan Review Tribunal will be turned down because they cannot prove that they are ill.  During 1999 I conducted several appeals to Canada Pensions and the Workers Compensation Board (WCB, now the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) on behalf of people who have been turned down.  I provided documented evidence of these illnesses, and these people were all granted their pensions on the basis of the evidence that I provided.

In March 1999, for example, I appealed to the WCB on behalf of a lady with fibromyalgia who had been denied her pension back in 1993.  The vice-chairman of the board came to Sudbury to hear the appeal, and I showed him a number of documents which proved that this lady was physically ill with fibromyalgia.  It was a disease that caused physical damage, and the disease agent was a mycoplasma.  The guy listened for three hours, and then he said to me:  "Mr Scott, how is it I have never heard of any of this before?  I said:  "We brought a top authority in this area into Sudbury to speak on this subject and not a single solitary doctor came to that presentation."

Testing for Mycoplasma in your Body

Polymerase Chain Reaction Test

Information is not generally available about this agent because, first of all, the mycoplasma is such a minutely small disease agent.  A hundred years ago, certain medical theoreticians conceived that there must be a form of disease agent smaller than bacteria and viruses.  This pathogenic organism, the mycoplasma, is so minute that normal blood and tissue tests will not reveal its presence as the source of the disease.

Your doctor may diagnose you with Alzheimer's disease, and he will say:  "Golly, we don't know where Alzheimer's comes from.  All we know is that your brain begins to deteriorate, cells rupture, the myelin sheath around the nerves dissolves, and so on."  Or if you have chronic fatigue syndrome, the doctor will not be able to find any cause for your illness with ordinary blood and tissue tests.

This mycoplasma couldn't be detected until about 30 years ago when the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test was developed, in which a sample of your blood is examined and damaged particles are removed and subjected to a polymerase chain reaction.  This causes the DNA in the particles to break down.  The particles are then placed in a nutrient, which causes the DNA to grow back into its original form.  If enough of the substance is produced, the form can be recognised, so it can be determined whether Brucella or another kind of agent is behind that particular mycoplasma.

Blood Test

If you or anybody in your family has myalgic encephalomyelitis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer's, you can send a blood sample to Dr. Les Simpson in New Zealand for testing.

If you are ill with these diseases, your red blood cells will not be normal doughnut-shaped blood cells capable of being compressed and squeezed through the capillaries, but will swell up like cherry-filled doughnuts which cannot be compressed.  The blood cells become enlarged and distended because the only way the mycoplasma can exist is by uptaking pre-formed sterols from the host cell.  One of the best sources of pre-formed sterols is cholesterol, and cholesterol is what gives your blood cells flexibility.  If the cholesterol is taken out by the mycoplasma, the red blood cell swells up and doesn't go through, and the person begins to feel all the aches and pains and all the damage it causes to the brain, the heart, the stomach, the feet and the whole body because blood and oxygen are cut off.

And that is why people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome have such a terrible time.  When the blood is cut off from the brain, punctate lesions appear because those parts of the brain die.  The mycoplasma will get into portions of the heart muscle, especially the left ventricle, and those cells will die.  Certain people have cells in the lateral ventricles of the brain that have a genetic predisposition to admit the mycoplasma, and this causes the lateral ventricles to deteriorate and die.  This leads to multiple sclerosis, which will progress until these people are totally disabled; frequently, they die prematurely.  The mycoplasma will get into the lower bowel, parts of which will die, thus causing colitis.  All of these diseases are caused by the degenerating properties of the mycoplasma.

In early 2000, a gentleman in Sudbury phoned me and told me he had fibromyalgia.  He applied for a pension and was turned down because his doctor said it was all in his head and there was no external evidence.  I gave him the proper form and a vial, and he sent his blood to Dr. Simpson to be tested.  He did this with his family doctor's approval, and the results from Dr Simpson showed that only 4% of his red blood cells were functioning normally and carrying the appropriate amount of oxygen to his poor body, whereas 83% were distended, enlarged and hardened, and wouldn't go through the capillaries without an awful lot of pressure and trouble.  This is the physical evidence of the damage that is done.

ECG Test

You can also ask your doctor to give you a 24-hour Holter ECG.  You know, of course, that an electrocardiogram is a measure of your heartbeat and shows what is going on in the right ventricle, the left ventricle and so on.  Tests show that 100% of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia have an irregular heartbeat.  At various periods during the 24 hours, the heart, instead of working happily away going "bump-BUMP, bump-BUMP", every now and again goes "buhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuh".  The T-wave (the waves are called P, Q, R, S and T) is normally a peak, and then the wave levels off and starts with the P-wave again.  In chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia patients, the T-wave flattens off, or actually inverts.  That means the blood in the left ventricle is not being squeezed up through the aorta and around through the body.

My client from Sudbury had this test done and, lo and behold, the results stated:  "The shape of T and S-T suggests left ventricle strain pattern, although voltage and so on is normal."  The doctor had no clue as to why the T-wave was not working properly.  I analysed the report of this patient who had been turned down by Canada Pensions and sent it back to them.  They wrote back, saying:  "It looks like we may have made a mistake.  We are going to give you a hearing and you can explain this to us in more detail."

So it is not all in your imagination.  There is actual physical damage to the heart.  The left ventricle muscles do show scarring.  That is why many people are diagnosed with a heart condition when they first develop fibromyalgia, but it's only one of several problems because the mycoplasma can do all kinds of damage.

Blood Volume Test

You can also ask your doctor for a blood volume test.  Every human being requires a certain amount of blood per pound of body weight, and it has been observed that people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis and other illnesses do not have the normal blood volume their body needs to function properly.  Doctors aren't normally aware of this.

This test measures the amount of blood in the human body by taking out 5 cc, putting a tracer in it and then putting it back into the body.  One hour later, take out 5 cc again and look for the tracer.  The thicker the blood and the lower the blood volume, the more tracer you will find.

The analysis of one of my clients stated:  "This patient was referred for red cell mass study.  The red cell volume is 16.9 ml per kg of body weight.  The normal range is 25 to 35 ml per kg.  This guy has 36% less blood in his body than the body needs to function." And the doctor hadn't even known the test existed.

If you lost 36% of your blood in an accident, do you think your doctor would tell you that you are alright and should just take up line dancing and get over it?  They would rush you to the nearest hospital and start transfusing you with blood.  These tragic people with these awful diseases are functioning with anywhere from 7% to 50% less blood than their body needs to function.

Undoing the Damage

The body undoes the damage itself.  The scarring in the brain of people with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia will be repaired.  There is cellular repair going on all the time.  But the mycoplasma has moved on to the next cell.

In the early stages of a disease, doxycycline may reverse that disease process.  It is one of the tetracycline antibiotics, but it is not bactericidal; it is bacteriostatic — it stops the growth of the mycoplasma.  And if the mycoplasma growth can be stopped for long enough, then the immune system takes over.

Doxycycline treatment is discussed in a paper by mycoplasma expert Professor Garth Nicholson, PhD, of the Institute for Molecular Medicine.15  Dr. Nicholson is involved in a US $8-million mycoplasma research program funded by the US military and headed by Dr. Charles Engel of the NIH.  The program is studying Gulf War veterans, 450 of them, because there is evidence to suggest that Gulf War syndrome is another illness (or set of illnesses) caused by mycoplasma.


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  • Ms. Jennie Burke, Australian Biologics, Level 6, 383 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia tel +61 (0)2 9283 0807, fax +61 (0)2 9283 0910.  Australian Biologics does tests for mycoplasma.
  • Consumer Health Organization of Canada, 1220 Sheppard Avenue East #412, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2K 2S5, tel +1 (416) 490 0986, website
  • Professor Garth Nicholson, PhD, Institute for Molecular Medicine, 15162 Triton Lane, Huntington Beach, CA, 92649-1401, USA, tel +1 (714) 903 2900.
  • Dr. Les Simpson, Red Blood Cell Research Ltd, 31 Bath Street, Dunedin, 9001, New Zealand, tel +64 (0)3 471 8540, email  (Note:  Dr Simpson directs his study to red cell shape analysis, not the mycoplasma hypothesis.)
  • The Mycoplasma Registry for Gulf War Illness, S. & L. Dudley, 303 47th St, J-10 San Diego, CA 92102-5961, tel/fax +1 (619) 266 1116, fax (619) 266 1116, email

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