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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who benefits?

Cui bono?

Who benefits?  When it comes to traumatizing events like the Oklahoma City bombing, the London Tube bombings, 9/11, or the Aurora theater massacre, your first clue as to what the event is really about is to ask “Who benefits?”

The foundation of mind control as practiced by the secret intelligence agencies (like the CIA's long-running MKULTRA program) is trauma.  Individual trauma influences individuals, and public trauma influences the public.  It's applied psychological science, and it works consistently, as judged by the long history of success behind it.  For example, Pearl Harbor was knowingly allowed to happen by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in order to completely change public sentiment in the USA from neutral non-involvement in the war to full gung-ho participation.  It clearly worked.

Why would Roosevelt do that?  Money controls politics, and his banker bosses wanted bigger profits.  They were well aware that War is a Racket, and a very lucrative one at that.

Because of the secrecy of that conspiracy combined with a convincing patriotic propaganda blitz, Americans had no clue in 1941 why Pearl Harbor had occurred, so they could not accurately answer the question of “Who benefits?”  That is almost always the case, because plausible deniability is always built into the operation.  Nevertheless, with time and painstaking research, the truth is sometimes eventually revealed.  And sometimes, it is never revealed.  That means that many of the things we believe to be true are not true.  And that is mind control.

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