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Saturday, July 14, 2012

9/11 -- the smoking gun

The evidence is in, and it appears to be incontestable.

"It is out of the question that all of these correlations which are the signature of a nuclear explosion could have occurred by chance.  This is impossible." -- source

The chemical evidence for nuclear fission occurring on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center is finally seeing the light of day.

"The presence of rare Trace elements such as Cerium, Yttrium and Lanthanum is enough to raise eyebrows in themselves, let alone in quantities of 50ppm to well over 100ppm.  When the quantities then vary widely from place to place but still correlate with each other according to the relationships expected from nuclear fission, it is beyond ALL doubt that the variations in concentration are due to that same common process of nuclear fission.

When we find Barium and Strontium present, in absolutely astronomical concentrations of over 400ppm to over 3000ppm, varying from place to place but varying in lockstep and according to known nuclear relationships – the implications are of the utmost seriousness."

The implications are clear -- the United States government lied, because it was complicit in the crime.  The media cooperated, because they are controlled by the powers that be.  Justice demands that the government be immediately shut down and dismantled, and that the media be seized and restructured.  Will it ever happen?  Not likely, because there is no sense of justice left in the brainwashed and "medicated" American public.  They are sheep, only fit for herding and slaughter.  As long as it is not their turn to be slaughtered, they will graze on the GMO food-stock contentedly, lap up the neurotoxic water, and breathe in the chemically laced air.  And when it is their turn to be slaughtered, they may try to bleat out a cry for help, but no one will pay any attention.

"This type of data has probably never been available to the public before.  It is an unprecedented insight into the action of a nuclear device."

Not that it matters to the sheeple.

"September 11th, 2001, was the first Nuclear event within a major United States city and a global financial center of the world and this is the biggest secret of this century, until now."

Typical American:  (Yawn)  Yeah, right.  What do I care...

Welcome to the real world.  Welcome to insanity.



  1. That PDF really should include a link to the raw USGS data:

  2. Thank you for the USGS link.

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