You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world.  You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Got thoughts? We can fix that.

The organized sociopaths running the world are great observers and quick learners.  Of course, the lessons they take away from their learning experiences are very different from what a normal person would embrace.  That's because sociopaths lack empathy, which changes their entire world view to something a normal person would find very disturbing.  That's why sociopaths are so secretive and deceptive -- as a small minority, their survival amongst us caring, empathetic "normals" depends on keeping us "undisturbed".

It is clear that those running that world have multifaceted programs in place designed to "dumb us down".  Well, maybe it's not so clear, since the programs are secretive and well disguised, but the evidence for them is substantial.  For example, actor Tom Cruise's divorce details are considered important world news.  Entertainment is big business designed to deliver mind-numbing distractions, like judging how well famous people can dance.  The "war on drugs" is run by governments heavily involved in the clandestine production of those same drugs.  Health care is focused on relieving symptoms, not curing illness, guaranteeing permanent customers of pharmaceutical products.  Public education is primarily focused on turning out obedient workers.  Why would sociopaths want dull-minded, dependent, obedient workers?  Because sociopaths are parasites that live off the labor of others.  If you think of the world as a stately Southern plantation from 1840, the sociopaths are the Master, government employees are the foremen that give the orders and keep the laborers in line, and the general population are the slaves that do the grunt work.

While researching the nuclear power industry and the nuclear weapons industry from which it sprang, I ran across the following example of "lessons sociopaths learn".  I thought is was quite revealing, helping to explain the secrecy, the compartmentalization of specialized knowledge, the "dumbing down", and the other complex manipulations of normal people that sociopaths engineer.

The Y-12 electromagnetic plant units were initially operated by scientists from Berkeley to remove bugs and achieve a reasonable operating rate.  They were then turned over to trained Tennessee Eastman operators who had only a high school education.  Nichols compared unit production data, and pointed out to physicist Ernest Lawrence that the young "hillbilly" girl operators were outproducing his PhDs.  They agreed to a production race and Lawrence lost, a morale boost for the Tennessee Eastman workers and supervisors.  The girls were "trained like soldiers not to reason why", while "the scientists could not refrain from time-consuming investigation of the cause of even minor fluctuations of the dials". -- Source

Y12 "hillbilly" operators.

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