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You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world.  You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th, Independence Day!

Good luck, America, on ever recovering your independence.  You are suffering under a monstrous deception, nearly unimaginable in scope, and you are not even aware of it.  Liberty and justice for all is now but a slogan designed to keep you fooled.  By celebrating your Independence Day every July 4th, you are simply reinforcing your brainwashing that you are an independent nation governed by your faithful politicians that act in your best interests.  They do not.  They are sociopaths, and they act in their own best interests at your expense, as sociopaths always do.  They are the ones running the deception, expanding it, feeding it, sucking the life blood out of you as you lapse into delirious bliss.

Can you recognize the sociopath in the video below?  They are found in all cultures, all religions, all governments, all militaries, and especially in all positions of power and control.

Apocalypto - Waterfall scene

So go ahead, America, pat yourselves on the back, revelling in your belief that you are the exceptional nation, land of the free, and home of the brave.  For the most part, you are nothing but a gaggle of fools without an independent thought in your heads.  There is no independence for you, no freedom, until you wake up and change your false beliefs.  For it has been correctly written that none are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Belle Paris

Victims of a shooting attack lay on the pavement outside La Belle Equipe restaurant in Paris Friday, Nov. 13, 2015.
Well over 100 people were killed in Paris on Friday night, in a series of shootings and explosions.


I'm not even paying attention to the attack in Paris two days ago on Friday the 13th, 2015. I'm not watching the constant coverage on TV with angst and amazement. I'm not modifying my Facebook picture by overlaying it with the French flag. I'm not grieving or clenching my jaw in anger.

I'm not being manipulated.

Instead, I am watching how the rest of the world is being deceived and manipulated. I can see how our empathy is used against us. I can see how this manipulation works every time, whether it be the sinking of the Lusitania, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust Lie, the Murrah Building bombing, 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, or any other orchestrated drama. I can see why the ruling sociopaths think we are stupid sheep, worthy of nothing more than to serve their needs and desires until we outlive our usefulness.

Oh yeah, I can see the problem.

Humanity has never known a solution, as far as I can tell. Organized sociopaths have always ruled us. They have always fooled us with their superficial charm, their clever lies, their chameleon-like adaptability, their secrecy, their affected certainty, and their inherent selfishness and arrogance. We are sucked into their game like moths attracted to a flame. Because of our respective psychologies, they can't help playing us, and we can't help being played. It's an eternal tango, with sociopaths leading and non-sociopaths being spun, flipped, swung, slid, and otherwise tossed about like sacks of grain.

Is there any overcoming this broken record? Is this a dead-end skip which won't stop repeating? Does an outside operator have to come into the room and move the needle for us for the music to ever play again? And is there an outside operator that even hears our predicament? Do we have to do this ourselves by becoming self-aware, by understanding how we actually work, and what makes us tick, and realizing that it is not the same for sociopaths and saints?

Ya, like that's ever gonna happen...

 "Look at me, America.  Look at my concerned face.  I practiced this face in the mirror for several minutes until I got it down pat.  I can put on this face at a moment's notice now to show how much empathy I have for the victims of the sociopathic policy I help deliver.  It's all an act, of course, because I don't feel empathy like the rest of you stupid sheep, but I'm the best damned actor since Ronald Reagan, and I'll fool around 80% of you all of the time.  Pretty convincing face, huh.  Yeah, I'm damn good.  That's why they picked me for this job, because I follow orders and sell the deception so well.  Fall for it, suckers!  You know you love it!  I'm your leader, worship me!  Hail me!  Admire me!  Another Nobel Peace Prize to cap my unforgettable performance!  Who da man!  Who, who who!"

Friday, May 8, 2015

Where have all the blogposts gone?

The frequency of my blogs here has visibly fallen off, so you might think I am no longer writing, but I actually am still at it.  Most of my writing is now on the United People discussion forum I started a few years back, located at (link).  Click on "Forum" there and you can read "more than you can shake a stick at", as people used to say in the old days when they still shook sticks.  I still document my journey of learning, which steadily grows and expands in mind-boggling directions.  So much of what we believe is wrong, and it has been deliberately designed that way by the forces of evil, which I currently believe are nothing more than a tiny minority of humans we identify as sociopaths or psychopaths.  Their deviant psychology leads them to organize through the survival mechanism of converging self-interest and pits them against the "normal" majority of humans in a deadly "survival of the fittest" scenario.  Unfortunately, it's a quiet war with secret weapons, so the vast majority of people don't even realize there is a war going on and that they are losing.

The irony of that situation is a continual source of horror and wonder to me, and it is what drives me to write.

The video, now censored for some reason, was an old Peter Paul and Mary performance of "Where Have All The Flowers Gone".

Monday, January 26, 2015

In-your-face mind control

This is a test.

Do not touch your dial.  There is nothing wrong with your set.

If you are given the following information on your evening "news" and are not outraged by the criminality and illegality of the actions you are shown, then your brainwashing is proceeding beautifully.

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. -- The target was a poultry farm that ISIS had turned into a staging area. It was located in Syria but the planning for this air strike and hundreds like it was carried out some 6,000 miles away at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina.

CBS News was given an inside look at the targeting center where intelligence analysts pour over satellite photos.

"In a way like a detective does, we put together the picture with all these bits of intelligence," said Staff Sergeant Penney.

In a typical week Penney and each of the other analysts investigate up to 20 different locations to find three legitimate targets.

"The ultimate intent is to build something that holds water that makes it to the end - that is strikeable," Penney told me.

It is a battle pitting the precision of American weapons against an enemy spread out across two countries.

"Precision is the ability to very specifically know the exact coordinates of any spot on the earth and to hit that spot down to let's say a foot," said Colonel Scott Murray, the chief intelligence officer for the air war.

Murray told us what it took to destroy a building ISIS was using as a weapons factory.

"It was quite the structure," said Murray. "It did take quite a few weapons to do it."

The first two hit and the building disappeared in a cloud of debris. But 18 more satellite guided bombs followed each with a delayed action fuse.

"It just allows the munition to penetrate deeper," said Murray.

The air campaign is an impressive display of American firepower, but is it winning the war against ISIS? Murray says the bombings have helped regain "approximately 700 square kilometers."

That's all in Iraq where ISIS still holds 55,000 square kilometers it seized from Iraqi and Kurdish forces. In Syria ISIS is still expanding.

"ISIL has great leeway in northeast Syria," explained Murray. "They're not opposed on the ground in that region."

In March, the U.S. military plans to start training a force of about 5,000 fighters to oppose ISIS on the ground in Syria. But Pentagon officials say it will be late this year or early next before they are capable of taking back lost ground. -- source

The United States has never declared war on Syria, nor does it have any reason to do so.  We do not have the right to destroy their buildings or their chicken farms by blowing them to smithereens from an easy chair in South Carolina.  If the Syrians were doing this kind of thing to us, would we find it perfectly acceptable?  The in-your-face criminality and immorality of this behavior is obvious, so why would they rub our noses in it on the evening news?

Just checking to make sure we are anesthetized, mindless zombies.

Note that I don't watch TV, for I find it absurd to volunteer to be brainwashed.  A friend turned on the news to check on the hyped-up east coast snowstorm, happened to see the report, and told me about it.  I was so amazed that I immediately looked it up online.

If they can get away with this, they've got us.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


My father was a sociopath.  Like most sociopaths, originally known as "the morally insane", my father didn't really understand the difference between right and wrong.  He only knew how normal people reacted to right and wrong, so he was careful to deceive and manipulate to get what he wanted without provoking undesirable reactions from his victims.

In an unpleasant surprise, following my father's recent death, it became clear that my brother really doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong either.  His notion of fairness is so lop-sided that it falls squarely in the camp of selfishness, the same camp that was my father's base of operations.

My reaction to all this has not been well received in the family.  I have been advised to sit back and "let it be."  "Don't rock the boat."  "Relax."  "Enjoy life."  Yes, relax in the face of injustice.

I got that message again for Christmas when my sister sent me the sign pictured above.

Don't get me wrong -- I like this gift because it emphasizes the unbalanced approach of the sociopath, which has permeated my family.  Sociopaths want nothing more than for their victims to relax into the abuse and accept it quietly.  They don't want any resistance.  They don't want you to react; they want you to relax.

There are indeed times when it is appropriate to relax.  And there are times when it is appropriate to react.  The balance lies in knowing the difference.

We see the same dynamic in the world around us.  The United States invaded Iraq in 2003 when our sociopathic leaders lied to us about "weapons of mass destruction".  To this day we are still relaxing rather than holding the liars accountable for war crimes.  We are also far too relaxed about 9/11 truth, Fukushima radiation, Guantanamo Bay and other government torture facilities, unconstitutional NSA spying, judicial corruption, Congressional criminality, and presidential con-artistry.  We are so relaxed that we have become sheep good for nothing but fleecing.

So relax.  Be a good sheep.  Stand still for your fleecing.

Just excuse me if I don't join you.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas -- It's a Lie.

Christmas -- It's a Lie.

There's no Messiah that's going to save us.  If we are to be saved, we are going to have to do it ourselves.  That's not going to happen while we pin all our hopes on the second coming of Christ.  As we sit around like stumps on a log, spouting idiocy like "It's all in God's hands", we give away our potential.  We are creators.  If we place the made-up Creator before us, we become nothing, capable of nothing, accomplishing nothing, good for nothing.  That's why organized religion is here, to control us, to diminish us, to enslave us.  Evil essentially has a free hand in the world while we exist in this comatose state of subservience to a Hollywood God.  One look at the state of the world confirms it.  Constant orchestrated wars; mindless pursuit of profit; the uncaring rape of the environment; corruption of the very code of life via GMOs; deliberate poisoning of our air, food, and water; radioactive disasters with the potential to be extinction-level events; and the deliberate whittling away of our basic human rights by criminal governments.  Evil is winning big time.  There is no justice in the world.  Do you want to know why?  The only justice that exists in the world is the justice we make!  If we sit on our hands, thinking all this evil is just part of God's plan, we will certainly reap the predicted apocalypse of the Bible.  But there will be no rapture for the righteous.  Rapture is just another word for justice, and the only justice in the world is the justice we make.  And we aren't making any.

That's the Lie.  That's Christmas.  That's our demise unless we change it.

Monday, November 3, 2014

"You're full of shit."


"You're full of shit."

Indeed.  Aren't we all?  That's the point.  We were born into a Matrix of deception, subjected to non-stop programming and propaganda throughout our lives, and herded into positions of certainty regarding what is and isn't "true".  How could we not be "full of shit"?

The quote in the title was delivered to me by the wife of a friend as we debated how President Marcos of the Philippines had become so rich.  She believed the reports she had absorbed over time from the mainstream media, namely that Marcos had stolen his riches from the poor people of his country.  I suggested a different story, an alternate possibility, that he had become rich via payoffs from other rich people for favors rendered.  That's when my ideas were dismissed with the title quote.

I was not offended by her pronouncement.  I'm no stranger to such dismissals, as can be witnessed in this forum's archives.  Dismissals are to be expected by anyone who questions everything and dismisses nothing.  Anyone searching for the real truth is going to face a boatload of dismissals.  It is how the Matrix polices itself and maintains its deception.

I am pleased, in fact, that my friend's wife questioned my perspective.  She should, and I hope she will research all sides of the story to weigh the evidence both pro and con on the issue.  This is unlikely however, as most of us are too busy or too lazy or too sure of ourselves to bother.  I am less pleased that she would so definitively dismiss my perspective without even investigating it.  By doing so, she fails to question her own "facts" and her own beliefs about what is and isn't true.

She also fails to employ a little common sense.  We live in a society of enormous wealth disparity.  I have often discussed the existing wealth gap that continues to explode.  We all see the stats (which must also be questioned) of how 10% of the population holds 90% of the wealth.  In those circumstances, who among us gets rich by taking money from poor people?  By definition, poor people have very little money.  No, we typically get rich by taking money from rich people.  How do you think American politicians become so rich?  Isn't it through secret, under-the-table deals with "special interest groups"?  How do you think "the money" exercises so much control over everything?  "Special interest groups" and "the money" are just euphemisms for rich people.  The rich people control us.  We buy into that control by doing almost anything for money.  When someone gets a lot of money in short order, you can be fairly sure that person is acting in synch with the desires of rich people who are paying him in some manner or another.

So, how did Ferdinand Marcos get rich?

In 1949, campaigning on promises to get veterans' benefits for two million Filipinos, Marcos ran as a Liberal Party candidate for a seat in the Philippine House of Representatives.  He won with 70 percent of the vote.  In less than a year he was worth a million dollars, mostly because of his American tobacco subsidies (financial assistance to grow tobacco), a huge cigarette smuggling operation, and his practice of pressuring Chinese businesses to cooperate with him. -- source

It sounds like he got rich the same way most U.S. politicians do.  But wait, is that the entire story?

But in 1988, Roxas and the Golden Budha Corporation, which now held the ownership rights to the treasure Roxas claims was stolen from him, filed suit against Ferdinand and wife Imelda in a Hawaiian state court seeking damages for the theft and the surrounding human rights abuses committed against Roxas.

In 1992, Imelda Marcos claimed that Yamashita's gold accounted for the bulk of the wealth of her husband, Ferdinand Marcos.

All this led the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal to summarize the allegations leading to Roxas’ final judgment as follows:  "The Yamashita Treasure was found by Roxas and stolen from Roxas by Marcos' men." -- source

Don't I often say the truth is stranger than fiction?

Why yes, I do.



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