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Friday, December 31, 2010

Info Pie - Part 2

Info Pie

As long as the general integrity of the Info Pie model is maintained, there is almost no way for the public to escape its deception.  They will remain trapped in an artificial matrix of false reality similar to the one portrayed in the movie "Matrix".  So how did I escape?  How did others escape, like the whistleblowers that try so desperately to wake up humanity to its unbelievable plight?  We've seen how investigating the "true" 20% of the Info Pie reinforces the illusion, as does, amazingly enough, investigating the "false" 30% portion.  The only thing left to investigate is the 50% portion that is withheld, and how can anyone investigate something that they are not allowed to know?

Like the whistleblowers themselves, and largely thanks to them, I escaped by uncovering small portions of the withheld information.  You don't need much.  Two or three hidden facts may be all the evidence you need to falsify one thing in the 30% portion of the Info Pie, and once you've done this a few times, you begin to suspect that everything in there could be a lie.  And the more hidden information you uncover, the more you realize that it is indeed nothing but a pack of lies.  The key to breaking out of the matrix is to uncover and piece together the withheld information with the skill and tenacity of a crime detective.  Because it is a crime, and we are the victims.

The Info Pie model is so effective that it is used not only in mass media, but in religion and government as well.  Not even education is exempt.  Much of history is hidden, which in turn has allowed a large portion of history to be fabricated in a way that can no longer be disputed.  The same goes for science.  Why would scientific discoveries need to be hidden?  Why was Nikola Tesla's work (free energy) confiscated and classified upon his death nearly 60 years ago?  Why was Stanley Meyer and his work (a car that ran on water) destroyed and never heard from again?  Why is so much of our science classified today?  Why has NASA hidden information, encrypted transmissions, and doctored pictures?

Now, at least, you know enough to question why.

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