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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Info Pie

Info Pie

Americans like to believe they get complete and accurate information from the "public" mainstream news media.  This belief is a complete and deliberate delusion.

Everyone knows that the mainstream news media is not "public" at all.  It is privately owned, which means it is privately controlled, all the way down to the very information it delivers to you.  The owners of the mainstream media, a small and cozy bunch, ultimately determine the information that the public will be allowed to digest.  That control of information is enormous power concentrated in just a few hands.

Let's examine that information for a moment, shall we?

Judging from my own years of investigative research into particularly telling news events, I would estimate that only 20% of the information is reported truthfully to the public.  Another 30% is presented as if it were true when, in fact, it is a deliberate lie.  And the remaining 50% of the information pie?  That information is simply withheld from the public.  In other words, the general population never hears a "serious" word about it from the trusted mainstream media.  In the public mind, that information simply does not exist.  The information can even be readily available from "underground" sources, but because those sources lack the perceived credibility that the mainstream media has so carefully nurtured in the public mind, they are largely ignored or dismissed.

Why doesn't the credibility of the mainstream media simply crumble, given this deceptive 20-30-50 information model?  Because the public can readily verify that the 20% portion of the information pie is indeed true.  Whenever they bother to check into it, it turns out to be true 100% of the time.  It doesn't take long for the public to decide that the mainstream media is completely trustworthy, and that they need not waste time checking on its accuracy.

But wait, what about the bigger 30% portion of the information pie, the part that is a lie?  Surely, if the public tried to verify that information, the gig would be up!  Unfortunately, no.  You see, the public can't expose that information as being a pack of lies because the information they need to do that has been deliberately withheld from them.  Yes, the 50% portion of the pie contains the vital information necessary to falsify everything in the 30% portion of the pie.  Whenever the public bothers to check the information of the 30% portion, they are unable to show it is wrong, 100% of the time.  It doesn't take long for the public to decide that the mainstream media must be completely trustworthy, and that they need not waste time checking on its accuracy.

By the way, this 20-30-50 information model was initially developed and perfected by big government.  Now you can easily understand why so much information here in the United States is "classified" in the interests of "national security".


  1. I have friends from the former Soviet Union who tell me that our mainstream news media is exactly the same as the Soviet Union's, except that our educational system is so bad that our people aren't smart enough to figure out that they're being fed nothing but propaganda. And it's not government propaganda so much in this country; it's controlled by the wealthy gentry. In the Soviet Union, there were true believers in the middle class who worked hard to help out each other.

    I still assert that some form of mind control is being used on the populace. Our poor quality of education can't possibly be entirely to blame for that fact that we go against what is best for us - Carla

  2. @Carla -- The mind control is indeed pervasive and multifaceted. The Info Pie model is itself an example of successful mind control. By withholding vital information from the public, the public is denied the tools it needs to expose the deception. And keep in mind that this same Info Pie model is also at the root of our educational system.

  3. Hugh, You have always been much more optimistic than I. I believe that TRUTH is maybe 1% of the pie because unless it's 100% true, it's a lie (which leaves almost nothing left to work with).
    Given this sad game of chess, I believe we can know truth, but it takes every effort to question every lie.
    Even those in government who "think" they can control the "sheep" are deceived as well. "Control" is what every government must have and lies are the most convenient way of controlling those who refuse to question what it is that controls them and why. The "carrots" we are fed usually keep us distracted from the true hunger (truth). Media which reports partial truths (lies) is the deadliest evil which successfully deceives the minds of almost everyone. I have come to believe that if it is popular, it's probably a lie.

    I am thankful there are the few such as yourself who use your mind to "ponder" the matrix we find ourselves in. There are answers and there is truth worthy of every effort, if we but pursue it.

  4. The ruling sociopaths are very clever. They know that lying using the truth is much more effective than lying using lies. The relative sizes of the Info Pie portions are interdependent. If the "True" portion becomes too small, too much information has to be withheld in order to prevent falsification of the expanding "False" portion, and people start to notice something is wrong. When the portions are properly balanced, people are completely oblivious to the scam being perpetrated against them. And that is the mark of a brilliant and sustainable scam.

  5. I once played a game of chess against a known killer. He was doing life for crushing a man's head with one karate kick. As the 5th degree black belt sat down, I kept a close eye on him. After a couple intro moves, he simply took his queen and placed me in checkmate (of his own making). He then got up and said, "Game over". I wasn't about to insist that he didn't play by the rules.
    Could it be that the "sociopaths" aren't really so clever, just able to control by using fear? Like the fear held over us to pay taxes when in effect there is no law to require it.

    Maybe they are just marching to the "beat" set forth for them by those who have existed and ruled humanity for thousands of years (in the unseen).
    Maybe the "sociopaths" are just willing cattle (as well) being lead to some horrific slaughter.
    If that is so, we have a much bigger problems than just "sociopaths".

  6. Unlike your one-on-one chess match, non-sociopaths outnumber sociopaths 50 to 1. That explains why sociopaths must operate by cunning and stealth instead of brute force. And not all sociopaths are so clever, but the ones that rise to the top are. This is due to a natural selection involved in their climb to power (only the "fit" succeed), as well as an artificial selection from the established sociopathic organizations (which actively seek out the most desirable players).

    Sociopaths have existed and ruled humanity for thousands of years. Could there be a higher power that directs sociopaths? Perhaps, but not likely a human one. One thing sociopaths certainly are not is willing cattle. When sociopaths must be subservient, it is only temporary, and it is only tolerated for some greater benefit. I think it highly likely that sociopaths are indeed at the very top of the human totem pole, and I have yet to uncover a bigger problem in the human equation.

  7. I agree that sociopaths (especially up the ladder) deserve no pity for their evil intent upon the rest. If evil of this degree comes from humans alone, it is indeed a scary thought. It matters not then who the real enemy is for the sociopaths are enemy enough. What I find even more alarming than what any sociopaths do, is what people in danger DON'T DO when they become aware of the dangerous game on their very existence. Just because we are not paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get us.



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