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Sunday, December 5, 2010

In fond memory

He flies through the air
with the greatest of ease.

Bogan Frese.  Now there's a name for you.  Everyone just called him "Bo".  There was only one Bo, so no other identifier was necessary.

Bo was a gymnast, a life-long gymnast.  A generation of young athletes has been exposed to his talent and easy-going nature.  He was among the best the gym had ever seen.  If there was a big trick being thrown, chances are it was Bo in the air.  Spectators all over the nation marveled at Bo's diving exhibitions at state fairs during the summer months.  This past year, crowds in Europe were also delighted by Bo's trampoline and entertainment skills.  Yes, Bo was world-class.

Yesterday, Bo took to the air for the last time.  A slight miscalculation resulted in a tragic accident.  Bo died doing what he loved best, in the place he loved best, among the people he loved best.

Many a Wednesday night I would head for the gym to do Russian Swing with Bo and the gang.  My tenant would often tease me as I left the house about my regular rendezvous with Bo.  "You're going to see your beau, aren't you," she would quip.  "You love your beau, don't you."

Hell yeah.  Everybody loved Bo.


  1. Bo thanks for the many memories. It was a really pleasure working with you! The one thing I will remember the most is your warm up routine to Santana's Black Magic Woman, before every dive show. May you Rest in Peace.

    Captain El Diablo

  2. Bo, I will never ever forget you. I always loved just chilling with you in the gym and watching you do German Wheel and Russian Swing... or maybe just goof around on the trampoline and tramp wall. You were a beautiful kind person and a wonderful mentor and friend. I can't believe this happened to you, but I want you to know I loved you dearly, pal.

    <3 G-Nat

  3. Worked with Bo in '99 at Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA. He was a cool performer and loved to do things "his way". He loved playing the guitar and we shared a beer or two during the down times at the trailer. He was a quiet dude with a funny sense of humor. You'll be missed "Master" surely will be missed.

    "The Ancient One" (for those that know me)

  4. Thank you for showing us all how to set our souls free. You will never be forgotten, and our hearts will always seek the light that would radiate from the depths of your soul to help light the way for those of us too see. Thank you for allowing me to call you friend! I will see you in heaven my Bo!

    Kim Fry

  5. we had great times in High School..Diving was a talent we both had. Your talent was much greater in every way. I will keep you in my thoughts from here on out. Stay strong my friend
    Jimmy Adams

  6. You were an amazing person with an amazing talent that took you far. Now you are an amazing spirit and will be greatly missed. Even though I havent seen you since high school, I remember you lived life to the fullest and was such an inspiration to alot of people. Its sad to see you go.

    Mike Randol

  7. Rest in peace Bo. I met Bo in Myrtle Beach South Carolina at the Roadies Stunt Show at Hardrock Park. I was a on the pyro team and I had to insert a 2" gerb to the seat of Bogan's suit as a finaly gag to appear his rump was being roasted due to premature detaonation of fireworks.Though I'd only worked with him for an eight month period he left and empression that would last a lifetime.I can vividly recall my first time seeing him practice with the other performers he had a childlike essense that would just draw you in, and a hippy ese lingo that would keep you in good spirits. Bo you will be forever remembered and I will forever scream "$h!+ Yeah!" in your honor.

    Deonne Hall

  8. Did anyone know Bo had so many friends? This blog was viewed over 500 times in just a few days. Like I said, everybody loved Bo!



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