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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How Tesla did it

December 13, 2011

I just started reading the book Tesla – Man Out of Time.  I'm not even finished with chapter 2, but what I have read has triggered a eureka moment in my mind.  I think I know how Tesla did it.

A number of things from my background just came together while in the shower this morning.  One is a very brief lesson on LC circuits from Physics 102 in college, with the honorable A. A. Bartlett lecturing.  As with most things I "learned" in school, I didn't really understand the basic concept.  That would come decades later while repairing a turn signal flasher unit from my old Datsun Sentra.  I was too cheap to pay the price for a new one, so I pulled out the sealed metal canister, figured out how to open it up, and examined its contents.  There was almost nothing in there!  It certainly didn't justify the $20 price I was being quoted for a new one.  It contained a capacitor, an induction coil, and some contact points that were opened and closed by the induction coil.  The light bulb went off, and I realized I was looking at an LC circuit that resonated at the frequency of the flashing turn signals of the car (about 1 cycle per second).

A few days ago, I watched a 45 minute video lecture by Iranian physicist Keshe.  His novel explanation of the interaction of matter/energy fields to produce light and gravity stuck in my mind.

One of the demonstrations Tesla did (that has never been repeated, because no one knows how), was to fill a darkened auditorium with light that had no visible source.  There were two large metal plates on either side of the auditorium, but other than that, there was no explanation for the light.

Naturally, in the shower, these three things came to together.  The magnetic field of the Earth itself resonates at around 8 Hertz.  This means that our planet is a resonator, an LC circuit.  It "flashes" 8 times per second, if only you have the eyes to see it.  That oscillating magnetic field creates an oscillating electric current in the earth via induction.  (I remember that this concept of magnetic/electrical induction was nicely demonstrated to my high school physics class by teacher Dan Myers in 1972.)  And that means our planet is an enormous AC generator.  In fact, I believe the AC dynamo that Tesla invented, which produces the alternating current delivered to our homes all over the world, is nothing more than a simple electric/magnetic model of our planet.

Many of Tesla's experiments and demonstrations incorporated this "free energy" from the planet.  In other words, the circuitry of the Earth was typically included as part of the circuit that Tesla designed.  The Earth was often the "battery", the power source, for the circuit.  Not only could Tesla interact with the AC current of the planet, he could also interact with the alternating magnetic fields of the planet that are everywhere around us!  As Keshe pointed out, the interaction of energy fields can produce light!  Tesla knew this over 100 years ago, and demonstrated it repeatedly to dumbfounded audiences.  The energy is everywhere, free for the taking, and it cannot be "owned" or "metered".  This realization is what prompted J. P. Morgan to turn from enthusiastic financier of Tesla to enthusiastic destroyer of Tesla.

Disclaimer:  I do not now nor have I ever had thoughts of committing suicide.  If I'm "taken out", you can figure out why.

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