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Friday, May 3, 2013

What inflation?


Not too long ago, I did some computer repair work for a friend.  It was fairly extensive, and when he asked what he should pay, I gave him a low-end figure of $120.  He came over to my house to pay up and presented me with $5.  I was delighted and called our business settled.

What just happened there?


Wait a minute!  Isn't inflation when prices go up?  Not really.  Rising prices are just a symptom of the root cause.  Inflation isn't even the right terminology to use.  Yes, it is in the common vernacular now, but that is by deliberate design.  The term "inflation" is just word play, a trick to help pull the wool over the public's eyes and keep them ignorant.

A better term than inflation is devaluation.  That's really what's happening -- our money is being devalued.  In other words, we are being robbed.  But it's being done relatively gently and quite clandestinely.

The $5 was paid using pre-1965 U.S. coins.  They are 90% silver and currently worth about 20 times their face value.  So I was paid the equivalent of $100 in paper money using $5 in coins.  Only I was paid in real American money, true Constitutional money, lawful money, or in a word, silver.  By not paying me in junk Federal Reserve Notes, I was more than happy to discount my friend's fee by $20.  He was happy, and I was happy.  Only the Federal Reserve was not happy, but they should be in prison anyway, instead of living in luxury at our expense.

It is the Federal Reserve, in league with the U.S. government, that has devalued our currency over the last 50 years such that a $5 cart of groceries now costs $100 for the exact same food.  Well, not really, as it can easily be argued that the food is less nutritious and more toxic now than it was 50 years ago.  You can ultimately thank the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government for that as well.  Or to be more accurate, because this is a very complex con-game, you can thank the ruling sociopaths that quietly control the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government.  And watch out, as both con-games (devaluing money and de-nutrifying food) are accelerating.

Oh, you think we have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?  That's another subject, though it is closely related, as it too is a con-game.  Please see my blogs on propaganda, brainwashing, and mind control.

By the way, the cumulative effect of all these con-games (devaluing money, de-nutrifying food, and destroying truth) is to devalue life.  Your life, my life, and the lives of everyone living on this planet.  That's why rule by sociopaths is the worst of all possible worlds.

And we've got it.


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  1. I was just thinking about "inflation" again. 100 years ago, a twenty dollar gold piece contained one ounce of gold and was worth $20. It would buy $20 worth of goods. Today that same $20 gold piece is worth at least $1100 and will buy $1100 worth of goods. What that means is a dollar today buys slightly less than what 2 cents could buy 100 years ago.

    That's how badly we've all been slowly robbed over the past 100 years.



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