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Monday, January 19, 2009

Lying for non-Dummies

The beauty of 9/11 is that almost no one will believe the truth.  That's the beauty of false-flag operations, and that's why the United States uses them successfully again and again.  A nation raised on a steady diet of nationalistic propaganda and patriotism cannot accept that its own government would sacrifice thousands of innocent citizens in the pursuit of so-called national interest.  Even with convincing evidence, probably a third of the population would still deny such a horrible realization, and if the evidence were to be hidden, destroyed, or planted, as is always the plan in false-flag operations, probably two thirds of the people would always be in denial.  False-flag operations work, even when mistakes are made or the unexpected occurs, as the following will illustrate.

In 1971, Nixon was desperate to bring Cambodia into the Vietnam War.  North Vietnamese troops regularly slipped across the Cambodian border to regroup and resupply, knowing the American forces could not legally engage them on Cambodian soil.  Henry Kissinger proposed a bold, false-flag operation, known internally as Operation Redrock, which called for using U.S. special forces disguised as North Vietnamese Army troops (NVA).  The plan was to attack the Phnom Penh airport in Cambodia to convince Lon Nol, the leader of Cambodia, that NVA troops were warring against his nation so that he would ally himself with the U.S. and allow U.S. forces to engage the enemy in Cambodia.  Nixon approved this plan with the stipulation that "no one can ever know."  You see, when you are President of the United States, ordering blatant criminal activity including murder, you want to make sure that everything is top secret, all evidence is destroyed, and all witnesses silenced, in order to cover your sorry butt.  Nixon, Bush Senior, Clinton, and Bush Junior are all well-versed in this type of "protection."

Chip Tatum was one of the 13 U.S. soldiers picked for this mission.  A dozen captured NVA POW soldiers were brought along as planted evidence.  Unbeknownst to the POW's, the U.S. soldiers were to murder them at the airport to provide "proof" that this was indeed an NVA attack.  After the attack, South Vietnamese Montagnards were to transport the U.S. soldiers to a fly-out zone for retrieval.  Unbeknownst to the U.S. soldiers, the Montagnards were under orders to kill them all before the fly-out and bury them in a pre-dug mass grave (so that "no one can ever know" as Nixon ordered).  The level of deceit and betrayal goes even deeper, but Chip Tatum astoundingly lived to tell this incredible story, although our government did eventually silence him with a most gruesome death.

In September-October of 2000, a male body with its face ripped off was found on a beach in Nicaragua. This was a message from the Bush crime family to those shadow government players to keep their mouths shut about the crimes of Bush Junior and Senior before the 2000 presidential election.  It spread like wildfire among former and current shadow players -- this was their warning.  Later that body on the beach in Central America was identified as Gene "Chip" Tatum.

Despite the magnitude of the crime, the high cost, and the lives lost, the secret mission in Cambodia remains an inaccurate footnote in history.  U.S. history is loaded with deceit.  The real truth is often stranger than fiction and more horrible than a nightmare, but it needs to be heard.  Unless we uncover that truth, our leaders will continue to bleed us and lie about it, and we will continue to blame the wrong people for the 9/11's of our lives.

Here is Chip Tatum's story in his own words.

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