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Saturday, January 31, 2009

War = Abomination

Changing of the White House CFR guard

What I have to say will not be popular with Americans who are full of hope for their new President.  They love their country, they love their history, they love their comforts, and most of all, they love their ignorance.  After all, ignorance is bliss.  And bliss is very comfortable.  Unfortunately, that comfortable ignorance leads to servitude.

Here is what Americans are ignorant of:  Obama is the puppet of the international central bankers.  Obama sold out before the presidential campaign got started, exchanging his willing cooperation to execute the desires of the controlling elite in exchange for their monetary influence to ensure his rise to power.  Accepting that deal is pretty much required for anyone to have a chance at becoming President.  Obama is now the servant of those bankers, just as George Bush was, just as much of Congress is, just as many high-court judges are.  This is all well supported by the past actions of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the government, which progressively defy the Constitution and the desires of the American people in order to advance the agenda of the ultra-wealthy international bankers.  They control our money via the secretive Federal Reserve, which they pushed into law in 1913 after orchestrating bank panics in the early 1900s.  Money is power, and those controlling that power now rule almost completely over our former Republic.  America is now a clandestine kleptocracy masquerading as a democratic Republic.  As long as that masquerade is maintained, there may never be enough patriots in-the-know capable of overturning the corrupted government.

What will the policy of the central bankers be during the Obama administration?  Let history be our guide.  Unfortunately, that means most Americans are suddenly operating in a vacuum.  Not only do Americans know precious little history, but the history they have been taught is mostly propaganda aimed at ensuring their patriotic obedience to Big Brother, meaning the Federal government that dances to the bankers' music.

Central bankers like war.  They make enormous profits lending money to warring parties.  It is very much in their "interest" to encourage wars (precisely because they earn interest on the loans they offer).  For them, war is simply a lucrative business.  So there will be escalating war in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Iran, and wherever else conflict can be stirred up.  There will be staged events designed to inflame the emotions of the nations that resist the call to war, horrendous events like 9/11 or the 7/7 London Tube bombings.  Americans made it very clear that they do not want more war when they rejected McCain's "victory at any price" war platform in favor of Obama's promises to withdraw American troops from Iraq.  No matter.  Central bankers like war, and they run the government.  Already their servants plan for war.  Obama's promise to withdraw some troops from Iraq will be initiated, but something that the central bankers orchestrate will "force" Obama to reverse direction.  It might be another event along the lines of Pearl Harbor.

Note:  The so-called "surprise" attack on Pearl Harbor was known many days in advance by President Roosevelt.  U.S. intelligence had cracked the Japanese Navy's encryption code and monitored all their communications, so the attack could have been easily averted.  Roosevelt deliberately left the Hawaiian military command out of the intelligence loop in order to turn public opinion in favor of entering World War II, exactly as the central bankers desired.

Wars need soldiers.  During Obama's administration, the military draft is very likely to be reinstated.  Obama and his staff have already prepped the nation by calling for a program of mandatory national service for all young people.  Forty years ago, Americans showed how they felt about the draft.  No matter.  A "catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor" will not only help Americans see the need for the draft, it will have them demanding it.

Americans have been manipulated like stupid sheep for over 100 years.  Must it always be this way?

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