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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crisis ahead

(Originally published June 4, 2009)

"What we have are a group of criminal bankers who are so desperate to prop-up their criminal manipulations for a few more months that they are engaging in brazen acts without even a veil of plausibility."

We all wondered why the massive bank bailouts seemed so suspicious, even outright criminal.  Manipulations in another arena of banking, the gold market, have also been so blatant that one investigator made the above statement.

So, criminal bankers are trying to hold on for a few more months, and to do so they chose to quickly sell over one million ounces of gold at a lower price than they paid, and this while the price of gold is steadily rising.  Does that sound like a normal banking procedure to you?  What happens in a few more months that the bankers are preparing for?  You're not going to like it, and when it hits, those responsible will pretend to be as stunned as everyone else, even though these criminals (the international bankers and their government cronies) have been planning this for many years!  This is a big, complicated plan, and hints of what is coming have leaked out.  Here are some more pieces to the puzzle:

While waiting for a job interview at a California police department in March 2009, a man overheard a meeting between FEMA and police officials.  FEMA said they were there to prep the department for government takeover, because all police departments will be "federalized" when the American banking system shuts down around August or September 2009!  YouTube has since pulled the video -- I guess they are just looking out for our best interests.

An extraordinary meeting of the bankers' government cronies took place in Moscow on March 22, 2009.  When pressed by Russian president Medvedev on the plans to ensure that American citizens don't revolt when the banking system is deliberately collapsed, Henry Kissinger reportedly replied, "By September we’ll have confiscated all privately owned guns so it really doesn’t matter what we do, we’ll still be in charge".

Lindsey Williams revealed in the summer of 2008, when oil was at $145 a barrel, that the price of oil would be deliberately manipulated in the Fall of 2008 to less than $50 a barrel and kept there for six to nine months in order to force the Saudi oil cartel to default on major bank loans, allowing the international bankers to confiscate Saudi Arabian oil assets.  Though no one believed him at the time, the price of oil did plummet unexpectedly to under $50 a barrel, eventually hitting $35, and stayed under $50 for six months, despite growing global demand and short supplies.  The time frame for the expected Saudi default:  around August 2009.  Note that Lindsey had his life and the lives of his family threatened by an oil bigwig that he personally knew well, prompting him to withdraw all his books from the market and shut down his website.

For the last nine months, the silver market has been manipulated even more than the gold market, and the international banks are heavily involved.  The game is almost up as demand is still high, supply is still low, but the price of silver has been heavily suppressed by international banks trading much more paper silver than there is existing silver.  When that house of cards does collapse, the banking system could very well do the same.

By now you should recognize the pattern -- crisis, reaction, solution.  Your government uses this plan over and over, and Americans fall for it every time.  9/11 was a good example.  Criminal elements within the government planned and executed the 9/11 crisis, knowing that the "shock and awe" reaction would have Americans crying out for a solution, which the criminal elements had prepared well in advance (plans to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and legislation to strip Americans of their rights in exchange for "security" while strengthening government control).

The next crisis is coming around September.  The American banking system will collapse and be shut down.  Americans, on the brink of panic, will plead for a solution from the Obama administration.  Of course, the solution has already been prepared, but no sane American would ever accept it under normal conditions, so conditions must be created to make us thankful for any solution.  A new currency is coming, and a new Ponzi scheme benefiting the international banks will be set in motion to continue the economic fleecing of the American sheeple.

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