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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Take your medicine

Posted:  9/11/2009

The same thing happened with the concentration camps in Nazi Germany where millions of Jews were murdered in the Zyklon-B "showers" and burned in brick ovens to a fine ash.  Those outsiders that heard anything about the exterminations couldn't believe it was possible.  Until the advancing American soldiers overran the camps and documented the atrocities on film, the story was too monstrous to believe.

If anyone had revealed in advance the Nazi intention to kill so many innocent people, the response would have been nearly universal.  "That's ridiculous.  No one could possibly murder millions and millions of innocent Jews.  The logistics alone would be overwhelming.  The Jews would resist anyway and fight back.  You are obviously an idiot."

No one will believe this either, and that's exactly what "they" are counting on so that it will work.  Only the sickest of minds would genetically engineer an influenza virus, deliberately release it onto an unsuspecting global population, spread fear and misinformation about the illness in the mass media, declare a global pandemic emergency of the highest order, and then forcibly vaccinate the frightened masses, supposedly for the good of humanity.  Already the picture is beyond belief even before you learn that the vaccine contains additives designed to weaken the human immune system.  Those vaccinated would be at greater risk to the effects of any and all viruses, including the common cold, not to mention the H1N1 virus the vaccine is allegedly designed to protect against.  And the coup de grace would be the revelation that the vaccine contains live, virulent avian flu viruses, which can easily kill any person with a compromised immune system!

"That's ridiculous.  No one could possibly murder hundreds of millions of innocent people.  The logistics alone would be overwhelming.  The people would resist anyway and fight back.  You are obviously an idiot."

Before you stand passively in line with all your neighbors to get your low-cost (possibly free) flu vaccine from the fascist government that cares for you from cradle to early grave, you had better listen carefully to the modern "Paul Revere" who is warning you that the enemy is coming.

Update:  9/23/2009

Wouldn't it be great if this was just a bad dream that we could wake up from?  As comforting as that would be, the truth is that it is getting more and more real and alarming.  We are being quietly set up for forced vaccinations, and it's not being done to keep us healthy.  After all, if the vaccine was truly meant to keep us healthy, why would the H1N1 virus be artificially created and deliberately released in the first place?  This global, coordinated, forced vaccination program is some kind of delivery system.  Whether it is designed to weaken our immune systems, kill us indirectly, or get us chipped (either by injecting nanochips into our bodies, or by tagging us through RFID bracelets or some other method), we don't really know.  What is clear to anyone who researches this is that all the dominoes have been set into position, and all that's left to do is topple the first one to set things in motion.  And the end result will be to our detriment.

If the New World Order was Dirty Harry, it would say, "You've got to ask yourself one question:  Do I feel lucky?  Well, do ya, punk?"  Only this time, the enforcer holding the gun (and syringe) positively knows it is loaded.  Whether we feel lucky or not won't change the outcome.  We had better act before we find ourselves in that awkward confrontation.

More warnings from ordinary individuals who appear to have little motivation to lie:


Who are you going to believe, the NWO-controlled mainstream media, or ordinary people?

Note to English grammar aficionados:  I have deliberately ignored (three times) the archaic rules on subjective verb tense in my above writing.  The use of the subjective tense is already dead in spoken English, and I would prefer that it die completely, so I'm not going to support its use.  Once the dominoes fall, no one is going to care anyway.

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