You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world.  You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thinking positive

Butt, I'm comfy!

Thinking positive?

A lot of people live with their heads in the sand.  To them, life is about thinking positive.  Everything looks fine when their heads are down under.  But in the real world, back up on the surface, their butts are waving in the wind, vulnerable and inviting targets.  Those butts can get kicked hard at any moment.  As long as that hasn't happened, those positive-thinking heads are "as snug as a bug in a rug" with their illusions.  "Just stick your head in the sand," they advise, "and everything will be just fine!  Think positive, like me."

A few people live to provide the sand.  They are the true rulers of the world (also known as sociopaths).  They can kick butt any time they want.  Sometimes they do, but they do it in a way that leaves the recipients completely clueless.  This is usually quite easy, since the recipients have got their heads buried in the sand!  One thing these sand-men never do is think positively.  No siree!  They think realistically.  Their heads are never in the sand, because they need them ever-vigilant to protect their butts.

Obviously, the people with their heads buried don't even know the sand-men exist.  A few have found out, often from a hard kick that popped their heads out of the sand.  But when they pop their heads back under to warn the others, they are ridiculed and called names like "pessimist" and "conspiracy theorist".  These whistle-blowers are shunned as being "crazy" or full of "negative energy".  And in this way, a few sand-men can dominate over vast fields of butts swaying gently in the wind.


  1. Your metaphors are quite enjoyable.

    The truth about looking at the facts is that often they are unpleasant and paradigm busting. So those few people who seek to understand the truth and bust a few faulty paradigms along the way are often mislabeled as "malcontents." The damning thing is that it couldnt be further from the truth (that word keeps coming up in this parapgraph).

    If we are talking about widgets that do something (technology, body parts, means of production, any group of people, etc.), I want to know the limitations and breaking points of that widget. I also want to know what causes it's breaking point to see if it is feasible to overcome it or adapt it to other purposes. Once the dirty laundary is aired, we can perform at maximum 'sustainable' capacity.

    We hear that word ironically tossed around by the same people who often seek to stay positive too; depending on the nature of the widget and its limitations, we can actually increase our capacity by pushing outside of a comfort zone without reaching breaking points, but I'd bet the distinction between pain and breakage is far too often blurred together.

  2. Yes, when the choice is between truth or comfort, too many people choose comfort.

  3. Hey Hugh, I feel great joy at seeing your foot prints in the sand brother. The truth is everything - just keep standing up! I saw your thread on avalon - I have know for some time there is no real freedom of speech on avalon. I went to send you a private message and saw you where deactivated. Lets just say freedom of speech does not require moderators. lol - it's not rocket science - but cos its the truth some people will always find it hard to get their heads around it - perhaps those same people who like to have their heads in the ground. Nothing worse than non-freedom of speech supporters than "brown nosers" who lates face it , alot of the moderators do a pretty good impersonation of. Peace brother you can let me know you got this critique of discrimination by emailing me on - and by the way I enjoyed a few of your blogs here - its pretty obvious you want the truth above and beyond flattering yourself - unlike these new ager mind control slaves.



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