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Monday, January 24, 2011

Freedom of (censored)

Where freedom is censored.

Speaking of utter insanity, my latest blog got me quietly "disappeared" from a site called Fighting For Liberty today.  Allegedly, my mentioning "alien spacecraft" touched a nerve, so my blog was censored (although I suspect it was the blog's ending that really touched the nerve).  I got an unbelievably hypocritical email containing several veiled threats, and when I responded, the hypocrite pulled the rug out from under me by suspending my entire account.  I've included the emails below for your enjoyment and edification.

And these are the people supposedly fighting for liberty?!  Things are a lot worse than I imagined....

The blog in question (a copy posted on another site) is here.

Email:  From Guy Razer to Hugh

Hugh...were you drinking last night? LOL

We dont do space ships here.... so if you want to do them... I recommend another site.. any other site.. capiche??  You posted this right above a very important 911 video posted by Margaret... that deals in the reality of gravity and is an expert analysis of how that building was demolished!!... it almost appears your posting was intentional, but probably just a coincidence... so, if Margaret doesnt get an apology in 24 hours... well you'll understand... we had a coincidental glitch.... in our membership page... space oddities happen....


Email:  From Hugh to Guy Razer

Sorry, I don't drink.

I was led to believe that this site was about truth.  "No Censoring of Truth!" is the byline of Fighting for Liberty.  It looks to me as though my blog has been censored by removal.  Is this standard practice on this site?  Are dissenting voices silenced here?

My blogs have nothing to do with any of Margaret's blogs, which I haven't read.  The timing and placement of my blogs is also completely independent of her posts.

Your resistance to investigating extraterrestrial phenomena is your own choice, and I don't have a problem with that.  Silencing those that do pursue this investigation is a problem, called censorship.  You are doing the same thing to me that the crooks behind 9/11 do to truthers.  Why?

I understand that you are threatening me with banishment from this site, in particular a banishment made to look like an accident.  How underhanded.  Are you a moderator?  Have I broken some rule?  If so, why wouldn't my banishment be public, with an explanation for public scrutiny?

It would appear that I have to fight for liberty even here, and my oppressor is none other than Guy Razer, the last person I would have suspected of opposing free and open debate on any subject.



Do not discuss this or even this, or your entire account on Fighting For Liberty will be deleted.  Long live freedom of speech, a liberty worth fighting for!

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