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Thursday, January 6, 2011

We be stupid

Hazmat suits to pick up birds killed by fireworks?

I am so, so stupid -- a complete imbecile!  So are you!  At least, that's how the United States government sees us.  That's how it sees the majority of the American public.  And why wouldn't they see us that way?  After all, the U.S. government has gotten away with outrageous lies and uncountable murders for over 50 years!  After the 9/11 incident, they must be thinking we'll believe anything they say, no matter how outrageous.

Here's a good example.  There was a mysterious bird kill in Arkansas involving thousands of birds.  There was also a massive, unexplained fish kill in Arkansas about the same time.  A murdered man's body is discovered in trash being unloaded at a Delaware dump, but no real details are reported in the media.  A spokesperson for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission claims fireworks were responsible for the bird kill, and that story makes it into the media big-time.  A related story from Sweden involving only 50 birds also claims that fireworks were responsible, and that story also takes a spotlight position in the media.  Lots of entertaining news to be had, right?  So what's the point?

The "real" story (or at least a much more believable one) was released in Europe with roots to Russian intelligence.  There were two "accidents" involving the release of deadly phosgene gas being transported on Air Force aerial tanker/sprayer planes leaving Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas for Afghanistan.  One accident caused the bird kill, the other the fish kill (phosgene is heavier than air and reacts with water to produce hydrochloric acid).  The phosgene gas was apparently going to be quietly used by the U.S. to kill "insurgents" in Afghanistan, in violation of international law.  The murdered man was an outraged biological and chemical weapons expert working for the government that threatened to expose the whole story.  He was silenced in a public way as a warning to any other potential "patriots" with a conscience.  The Swedish story was possibly a psychological operation to lend credence to the absurd fireworks explanation used for the Arkansas bird kill.  After all, it wouldn't do for the public to be aware that the U.S. Air Force operates a fleet of aerial tanker/sprayers in an age of chemtrails, or that inhumane phosgene gas might be clandestinely released by the U.S. in Afghanistan, or that anyone reporting potential war crimes within the government will be murdered with absolute impunity.

Not only am I stupid, but I'm a crazed conspiracy theory nutter!  So is Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and those pesky Russian spies!  At least, that's how the United States government sees us.

The rest of you should be ashamed of your fireworks use.  And pay no attention to the men behind the curtain.


  1. We all heard about this when it hit the news stands, and then before the story had any substantive conclusion, we never heard of it again.

    Do you wonder if the agenda driven media sometimes does the real job of investigation and gets itself into trouble, thus the change in headlines with new headlines?

  2. Yes, Chris, I do believe that does happen. The controllers of the media are still trying to support the illusion of a free press so as not to give away the totalitarian regime we live under.



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