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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Battle lines

The sociopath's original motivation.

There are two sides in this long-running battle.  One side vastly outnumbers the other, on the order of 1000 to 1 or better.  For the most part, this horde is completely unorganized with respect to waging battle.  In fact, they aren't even aware that there is a war going on.  They cannot identify the enemy because they don't realize there is an enemy.  They are ignorant, and they are losing.  Because they are oblivious to their gradual defeat, they are very content with the way things currently are.  Their primary concern is their immediate, individual comfort.  These are the "normals".

The other side, though vastly outnumbered, is cunning, clandestine, and well organized.  They are patient, analytical, and unconstrained by moral considerations.  They know their enemy well, having made a science out of studying and experimenting on the horde over the course of many generations.  They are informed, and they are winning.  They are fighting a quiet war with silent weapons against an enemy that they keep in the dark by design.  Their primary concern is their own survival through the control and parasitic exploitation of the "normals".  These are the "deviants", also known as sociopaths.

There are two philosophies at work in this battle.  One is the "ignorance is bliss" mindset, and the other is "the pursuit of truth" philosophy.

The majority of the horde embraces "ignorance is bliss".  Their blissful ignorance keeps them comfortable and content, and it insulates them from becoming aware of the harm they are causing to their continued existence.  Each individual is like a cog in a machine whose ultimate function, unknown to the individual cogs, is to prepare its own destruction.

Most sociopaths embrace "the pursuit of truth".  Their motivation however is power, as they see the possession of truth as a means of manipulating the horde.  For sociopaths, knowledge is power, so they keep the most important knowledge of truth to themselves and withhold it from the horde.  As a result, sociopaths have come to dominate all positions of power, either directly or indirectly.

There are among the horde of "normals" a small minority that reject "ignorance is bliss" and embrace "the pursuit of truth".  That they are a small minority is no coincidence.  For this group to pursue truth requires that they give up commonly held fundamentals like comfort, the certainty of their beliefs, and the approval of their peers.  Their motivation is not to accumulate power to control others, but to benefit the welfare of all people by revealing and ending the exploitation of the sociopaths.  Unfortunately, they are actively targeted by the sociopaths and routinely ridiculed by most "normals", which guarantees their small numbers.

The "ignorance is bliss" philosophy is actually a powerful control mechanism employed by the sociopaths to exploit the masses.  While on its surface it seems harmless, even desirable, the opposite is true.  Consider the following true story, from the family history of a good friend of mine.  Her grandfather was an American homesteader that farmed wheat.  One of the uses of the harvested wheat seed was to produce grain alcohol.  This was during the Prohibition period, so the alcohol had to be made clandestinely, often at night, and it became known as "moonshine".  Hard-working farmers were known to blissfully enjoy the fruits of their labor in this form.  It could also be sold on the black market for a lucrative profit.  As the farmer prospered, his health gradually took a turn for the worse, and a common way to find relief from ailments at that time was to purchase patent medicines, sometimes sold as "snake oil" or "cure-all".  Interestingly enough, the main ingredient of these patent medicines was often moonshine.  As his aches and pains seemed to multiply, the farmer needed more patent medicine to ease his suffering.  Even though the medicine did numb the pain and provide welcome relief, the farmer's condition continued to worsen until his limbs would no longer work.  He became paralyzed and bed-ridden, withered away to skin and bones, and died relatively young.

Unknown to the farmer, his demise was caused by his own "success".  Farmers typically used old car radiators in their homemade stills to condense the alcohol vapors into liquid moonshine.  Those radiators were constructed using lead solder, and the alcohol condensed in those radiators often accumulated harmful amounts of lead.  The farmer, in his blissful ignorance of ingesting moonshine and patent medicines, had unknowingly poisoned himself with a fatal dose of lead.  (Note:  the cause of death in 1922 was diagnosed as pernicious anemia and paralysis -- lead poisoning was not even imagined.)  The poor man's ignorance had indeed been blissful, for a while, but the unrecognized harm resulting from that ignorance had ultimately cut short his life.

Like the wheat farmer, most "normals" have no clue of their approaching demise, or that their own actions are leading them there.  The sociopaths want it that way, because once the population of the "normals" is drastically reduced, the survival and domination of the parasitic sociopaths is much more secure.

Wake up, sheeple.  You had better let go of your comforting illusions and start listening to those annoying truth-seeking "normals".  They are the only ones acting in your best interests.

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