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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Property rights

Whose hands are these?


Do we have the "right" to own land?  A human is an animal.  Do any animals other than humans own land?  They might use a small amount of land as their "home", and they might defend their need to use that land for their survival, but do they own it?  Did they have to purchase it?  Do they ever sell it?

The issue of property rights is called into question by Agenda 21.  Communism and socialism before it also called into question property rights.  Capitalism, of course, insists on property rights.  Capitalism thinks everything can be owned, from the land to the ideas of an individual to the very arrangement of your genes.  Is the issue of property rights then a con-game of the rich to maintain their power and control over the poor?

Native American peoples had a different concept of land use.  They understood that the land endured much longer than any one man, that it was essentially "on loan" from the Great Spirit to all living things for their needs.  The idea that one could "own" what the Great Spirit provided was ludicrous.

There are now about 7 billion people on the planet.  There are about 55.5 million square miles of land above water.  If we allow private ownership of half the available land, each person could own .0039 square miles of land, or about 2.5 acres.  It could be argued that anyone owning more than 2.5 acres is a selfish criminal.  Property rights conveniently nullify that idea.  That works well for the queen of England, who supposedly owns 6.6 billion (6,600,000,000) acres of land.  That's a lot more than 2, and potentially selfish to the extreme.

Could the queen be a sociopath?

I'm beginning to question my brainwashing again, this time with respect to property rights.  I have been conditioned to believe property rights are sacrosanct, not to be questioned, and the foundation of my country which was constructed on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Yeah, right.  Obviously, I have been thoroughly brainwashed to believe such lies.  Rich, white landowners founded my country.  They had property holdings to protect -- Mount Vernon, Monticello, and lots of other large tracts of land.  I can see the conflict of interest, so it's no wonder property rights are so revered in America, just as they were in feudalistic Europe, where the Lords (the 1%) grew richer off the indentured sweat of the serfs (the 99%).

Hey, wait a minute!  The 1% and the 99%?  You mean the same thing is happening today in the USA?

Could the president be a sociopath?


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